100% Cuka Kayu Wood Vinegar Boron, Mg & Sulfur

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    Trusted by many many farmers, gardeners and home user.

    "Eco G products really helps to solve my durian farm disease issue." -- Mr. Pong, Chenderiang, Perak

    "My roses growth more, bigger in size, and more vibrant in color." -- Shery, Rawang

    "Setelah menggunakan sendiri dan berkongsi manfaat dengan rakan-rakan, ternyata Wood Vinegar Plus memberi kepuasan dalam usaha meningkatkan hasil tanaman. Di samping sebagai pelindung daripada jangkitan dari serangga, kulat dan bakteria yang menyerang tanaman ia juga sebagai ‘booster’ untuk hasil tanaman. Digunakan secara foliar dan siraman." -- En. Wan, Sri Aman

    Adakah tumbuhan anda mengalami masalah begini?

    -tumbuhan tak sihat
    -pertumbuhan akar lambat
    -kualiti tanah tidak bagus
    -masalah fungus
    -masalah serangga perosak
    -kos ubat yang tinggi untuk fungus, serangga perosak dan baja


    CUKA KAYU AGRI ECO-G WOOD VINEGAR PLUS mempunyai ciri-ciri dan manfaat berikut:-

    . hasil lagi cepat dan berkesan dengan tambahan micro nutrisi Boron, Magnesium & Sulfur,
    . meningkatkan proses klorofil,
    . merangsang perkembangan akar,
    . meningkatkan aktiviti mikrob,
    . meningkatkan kualiti tanah,
    . meningkatkan rasa buah-buahan & sayur-sayuran,
    . mengusir perosak,
    . meningkatkan keberkesanan baja & racun perosak,
    . sebagai ejen penggalak dan menjimatkan baja & kos racun perosak.

    Kadar Campuran:-

    Sebagai nisbah semburan foliar, sila bermula dari nisbah rendah: 1ml CUKA KAYU AGRI ECO-G PLUS bercampur dengan 500ml ~ 1liter air. Selepas tumbuhan dah biasa, perlahan-lahan meningkatkan kadar ke 2 ~ 5ml CUKA KAYU AGRI ECO-G PLUS campur dengan 1liter air.


    Is your plants/ flowers/ farms facing these problem?

    - plants not healthy
    - root mass very low
    - soil quality not good
    - fungus issue
    - pest problem
    - high cost of fungicide, pesticide and fertilizer

    GOOD NEWS! We have the SOLUTION!

    Eco-G Agri Wood Vinegar PLUS has the following usage & benefit:-

    faster and more effective result as enhanced with additional micro nutrients Boron, Magnesium & Sulfur,
    enhance chlorophyll,
    stimulate root development,
    enhance microbes activities,
    improve soil quality,
    improve flavor of fruits & veggies,
    repel pest,
    enhance the effectiveness of fertilizer & pesticide.

    Mixture Rate:-

    As foliar spray ratio: please start with lower dosage, 1ml Eco-G Wood Vinegar PLUS mix with 500ml ~ 1liter water. After the plants get use to it, slowly increase the dosage to 2 ~ 5ml per 1 liter water.

    Wood vinegar (pryoligneous liquor) is rapidly gaining acceptance as an essential Asian natural farming input. Reported agricultural use as a fertilizer and growth-promoting agent goes back to the 1930s, making the product a relatively new innovation.

    Uses of Wood Vinegar According to Thailand's Department of Agriculture, wood vinegar has the following broad benefits:

    Improvement of soil quality
    Elimination of pests
    Plant growth control; being able to accelerate the development of roots, stems, tubers, leaves, flowers, and fruit
    Used to increase amounts of fruit produced in orchards

    Dr. Arnat Tancho at Mae Jo University also reports that wood vinegar can be applied to the soil surface to help increase the population of beneficial microbes and to promote plant root growth. Additionally, the product can help boost crop defenses against disease.

    For improved plant production, the solution can be sprayed over plant shoots. Wood vinegar, like hormones, will be absorbed into twigs, trunks, or leaves, resulting in stronger plants and leaves that are greener and more resistant to pests and diseases.

    References: An Introduction to Wood Vinegar ECHO Asia Notes A Regional Supplement to ECHO Development Notes Issue 7, October 2010 - By Rick Burnette Director, ECHO Asia Regional Office

    for sale:
    - RM5,000 - 1ton IBC container
    - RM270 - 25 liters jerry can (excluding postage)
    - RM100 - 5 liters bottle pack
    - RM25 - 1 liter (sample pack).

    FREE SHIPPING within West Malaysia!
    COD at Sri Petaling or Tropicana Selatan area.

    East Malaysia - contact our East Malaysia agent Ms. Clara 6.

    Contact: Wee
    whatsapp: https://WoodVinegarPLUS.wasap.my.

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