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  • Age : 690,000 - 700,000 years.


    Tektites are gravel-size bodies composed of black, green, brown or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during extraterrestrial, meteorite impacts. Tektites, in the simplest terms are pieces of natural glass. Several natural glass types are found on the Earth. By outward appearance some tektites resemble obsidian the commonest of the natural glasses.

    Where did tektites come from? There have been several schools of thought over the last hundred years, but basically today it distills down to the Earth through the impact of a meteorite or comet.

    Current chemical analysis of tektites indicates that there is a relationship to rocks only found on Earth. Fifteen rare earth elements have been used to show that their relative abundances are in exact relationship to their abundance in tektites. Including an anomaly in the amount of Europium. This depletion of Europium is connected to calcium and CO2 chemistry on the Earth. This depletion is exactly recorded in tektite glass.

    Tektites have been found with other artifacts in archaeological sites dating back thousands of years. They have a long history of use and significance to man. Ancient man in many places took advantage of the glassy nature of tektites and used them for making flaked tools. Later, they were considered to have religious significance in Asia, the colorful green varieties (Moldavites) of Europe have been used for jewelry for hundreds of years and are making a return as gems today.

    Tektites are not found everywhere on the Earth. They are found in strewnfields; which are areas where the material has fallen upon the ground and the material is confined to the boundaries of the strewnfield.
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