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    Guru sekolah rendah

    Boleh mengajar subjek bahasa melayu dan subjek elektif lain
    9 Oct 09:22
    Gelang Patah

    Pereka grafik (graphic designer)

    RM 50 per month  
    Saya seorang pereka grafik freelance. Kepakaran dalam bidang rek
    an logo, item pomosi, item penerbitan, rekabentuk pembungkusan da ...
    indesign & quark xpress. Contact no tertera utk mendapatkan khidm
    t rekaan yang sangat berpatutan. ...
    (I am freelance designer My expertise is in logo design, promotio
    item, packaging n sticker design and image editing. Expert in us ...
    6 Oct 20:03
    norlaila yasin  
    Johor Bahru

    Mencari kerja di Kelantan

    RM 1 500 per month  
    Saya sedang bekerja di Johor. Sedang ingin mencari kerja di Kelan
    an tujuan ingin menetap di kampung halaman senang nak jenguk oran ...
    4 Oct 07:59
    muhd afzan  

    Lorry driver

    RM 2 000 per month  
    Pengalaman kerja menghantar sayur ke hotel2 pasaraya2 dan kedai2
    uncit sekitar johor.. Bekerja di bawah syarikat farmprice selama ...
    4 Oct 07:57
    Mohd Hidry bin Mohd Jahar  

    Architectural designer

    RM 3 000 per month  
    - At Least 3 years of working experience in the related field is
    equired. ...
    - Candidate must possessed at least Diploma / Barchelor Degree i
    Architectural. ...
    - Familiar with Sketchup , Lumion , photoshop . AutoCad.
    1 Oct 12:51
    khoo kah kheng  
    Setia Tropika

    Home tutor

    RM 80 per day  
    Possess a medical degree Responsible Trustworthy
    29 Sep 22:16
    Malathi Murugiah  

    Data Entry Clerk

    RM 1 900 per month  
    *Proficient in using Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint, Exce
    &Outlook ...
    *Able to using various antivirus program – AVIRA, AVG and ANTIV
    RUS ...
    *Skill in using internet – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mo
    illa Firefox, and UC Browser ...
    *Able to create good interpersonal communication skill in group a
    d team ...
    Technical Skill *Able to PC troubleshooting and hardware software Soft Skill. *Excellent strong work ethic with management *Able to work confidently either alone or in group *Excellent administrative skill *Able to manage time during work IT skill *Proficient in using AutoCAD, Programming C++ and MPLAB IDE. Communication Skill *Good in Written and Spoken Bahasa Malaysia, English and Tamil *Able to present information clearly and effectively Language skill *Good in spoken, reading and listening in Bahasa Melayu. *Excellent in spoken, reading and listening in English.
    25 Sep 20:15
    Kashturi Gananasekar  
    Permas Jaya


    RM 2 200 per month  
    Im 36 years, have few experience in working previously. Fast lea
    ner, easy going to all, friendly, can work in less supervision., ...
    24 Sep 13:53
    Shana Farhana  
    Johor Bahru

    Arabic Language Tutor

    RM 100 per day  
    I am a native Arabic speaking living in Johor. Origonally from Pa
    estine. Able to teach Arabic subject for students and seniors. ...
    23 Sep 14:02
    Mohamad Darwish  
    Johor Bahru

    Maintenance Guy

    RM 1 500 per month  
    • To perform any other related duties which are assigned from t
    me to time ...
    • Candidate must be willing to work/be based in Taman Gaya,Ulu
    iram, Johor ...
    Requirements : AGE : 18 - 45 year GENDER : Male • Candidates must possess at least SPM • Must able to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia / simple English • Willing to work on 24/7 on call • Medically fit and able to do some maintenance job • Salary is commensurate with experience • Assists in other work as and when required by superior Call for interview : 012-2827188
    22 Sep 11:15
    Ulu Tiram

    Im looking for any vacancy

    RM 1 400 per month  
    I am looking for a job that matches my qualification. 8hours work
    ng time. any questions can be email or Whatsapp I have mentioned. ...
    15 Sep 18:19
    Nurul Aishah  
    Johor Bahru

    Cleaner Ofis

    RM 1 200 per month  
    Assalam...saya mencari kerja sebagai cleaner ofis sekitar Pasir G
    dang...wasap/call saya... ...
    018 3634746 terima kasih
    12 Sep 09:25
    Mawar Berduri  
    Pasir Gudang


    RM 1 200 per month  
    I'm patma age 21 from Ipoh perak.. I'm searching for job at tamp
    i johor.. ...
    9 Sep 18:09
    Patma Nivera  

    Finding Job

    RM 2 500 per month  
    Will inform while receive any call and text for detail updated mo
    e and more clear info. ...
    Email: Call/Whatsup: 0137964763
    9 Sep 15:10
    Johor Bahru

    Mencari pekerjaan

    RM 1 500 per month  
    Salam Sejahtera. Sya mencari pekerjaan dalam apa jua bidang di se
    itar Johor Bahru / Pasir Gudang. Saya mempunyai pengalaman dalam ...
    9 Sep 13:34
    Johor Bahru

    Qa/qc inspector

    RM 4 000 per month  
    * Open minded in studying new project of work for me and the comp
    ny benefit. ...
    * Able to start ASAP * Can work during holidays * Eager to learn new things * Work smart * Hardworking * Handling documentation * Experienced in Quality inspection * Adapt to new enviroment easily
    7 Sep 15:01
    Hanafi Nizam  
    Pasir Gudang

    Despatch singapore

    RM 100 per month  
    -documents submission & collection for Singapore psv /sg roadtax
    pplication for tour bus ...
    -document renewal for lorry, taxi, bus kilang bus express for Sin
    apore psv permit. ...
    -- Currently seeking for part time, renewal speed is 4 hrs upon c
    llection documents to ur hand. ...
    - yes I'm honest, I deal sgd 3-4k daily transaction.. NVR shortag
    of $. +60177143481 thank you ...
    hi all.. I'm looking for a part time job as a runner. my experience : - autopass & erp machine repair - buy & transfer erp machine for Malaysia vehicles to sg - seeking as part time/ freelance kindly what's app me if anyone is willing to hire.
    6 Sep 12:10
    soh kam teck KAM TECK  


    RM 1 200 per month  
    Assalam...saya mencari kerja sebagai cleaner ofis..full time atau
    part time sekitar Pasir Gudang...wassap/call : 0183634746...tq ...
    3 Sep 12:24
    Mawar Berduri  
    Pasir Gudang

    Kerja Kilang di Singapura

    RM 5 000 per month  
    WhatsApp saya, gaji boleh bincang. tempat tinggal kalau boleh
    3 Sep 11:41
    Liew Aaron  
    Johor Bahru

    Saya Mencari Kerja Kosong Asst HR Admin Asst Acc

    RM 2 000 per month  
    My name Shahidah Fatimah binti Mohamad Saian. I'm 28 years old.I
    ave diploma in Accountancy.I got experience in admin for 2 years. ...
    30 Aug 17:59
    shahidah ida  

    Mencari kerja part time

    RM 1 000 per day  
    bermula jam 6pm ke atas tak kisah kerja apa janji bukan agent insuran multitasking area skudai
    27 Aug 20:45

    Mencari kerja sebagai pelayan/pembantu restoran

    RM 1 000 per month  
    Saya mencari kerja sebagai pelayan/pembantu restoran di johor bah
    u. Boleh kerja ot. Saya tidak mempunyai apa-apa kelulusan, tetapi ...
    Jika ada, sila call atau whatsapp saya 0177540899
    23 Aug 12:37
    Johor Bahru