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  • RM 50 sahaja untuk bagi laju lagi 90% daripada standard. Dari asal 70% yang diberi oleh kilang Phone, buka sampai 100%, then tambah baik lagi 60% !

    Kenapa anda perlu tweak Corn Android Upgrades dekat phone anda?

    SEBAB, pengeluar phone hanya bagi 70% dekat phone anda, SUPAYA phone anda jadi lebih lembab, hang, kuat makan battery LEBIH AWAL dan anda akan beli phone baru lebih AWAL!

    JANGAN RISAU! Corn Android Upgrades ada Tweak Ultimate yang boleh bagi phone anda jadi 100%, dan jadi LEBIH LAJU DARIPADA 100%! DEKAT 160% !

    Boleh buat dari jauh, proses dalam 5-10 minit saja

    Update terbaru membenarkan anda untuk lajukan Handphone tanpa jumpa! Tanpa
    root, tanpa modify apa apa pada Handphone, tak perlu PC! Tak kacau warranty!
    Yang paling baik, apa apa Android phone pun support! Dalam 5-10 minit dah
    boleh siap! Dari jauh pun tak apa!

    Minat? Cepat hubungi saya!

    contact me now via WhatsApp

    Beza seperti bawah:
    Phone jadi kurang panas,
    Phone laju lagi 90%
    battery tahan lagi 20-40%,
    Internet laju lagi 30-50%,
    overall phone laju lagi 40-90%,
    lagi responsive,
    Camera cantik lagi 30%
    GPS tangkap lagi laju

    Boleh cari F B saya Corn Android Upgrades.
    Feedback feedback customer Dan
    video Ada kat sana.

    Ultimate bagi laju lagi 90% daripada standard

    Corn Android Upgrades adalah pilihan bijak anda
    dengan feedback feedback
    customer yang benar dan paling banyak dalam
    Malaysia! Terima kasih kepada
    sokongan customer saya feedback dekat F b saya!
    saya akan meningkatkan quality
    servis dan Speed Up saya untuk bagikan
    perkhidmatan yang paling best sekali!

    Masa beli fon, manufacturer bagi 70% dekat fon.
    Kenapa? untuk buat fon anda
    jadi slow masa guna supaya anda beli fon baru.
    Dengan Corn Android Upgrades,
    saya akan bukakan dia sampai 100%, lepas tu Speed
    Up sini sana jadi lebih
    daripada 100% lagipun save lagi banyak bateri.

    Apakah improvement yang anda dapat nampak ye?

    Yang tulis kat bawah:

    - No more launcher redraws
    - Longer battery life
    - Faster GPS lock
    - Faster Network Speed of 30-50%
    - Better multitasking of 40%
    - Faster SD Card R/W speed
    - Much Smoother Interface of 40%
    - Faster Media Streaming of 30-50%
    - Much faster scrolling
    - Battery Saving tweaks up to 40%
    - Better Signal Performance
    - Better 3G Reception and Call Quality
    - Better Photograph and Video
    Quality of 30%
    - No more annoying advertisements Yay!
    - Massively Reduced temperature when using
    -60% savings upon ads removal
    - Faster App Open/ Switching Speed
    - Even better memory management!

    -Internet laju lagi 30-50% (Fon lenovo confirm
    dapat 50%)
    -Batteri takan lagi 20-40%
    -Quota internet jimat lagi 60%
    -Kurang panas dekat balakang
    -Qualiti Kamera depan belakang improve lagi 30%
    -Screen resposive macam iPhone (Iphone pun kalah
    -Stream video dan utube lagi laju
    -BUKAN pakai Custom Rom atau Custom Kernel yang
    dapat didapati daripada
    Internet atau belajar buat dari utube.
    -Kurang lagging dan hang.
    -Cara multitasking iOS supaya fon dapat lajukan
    macam iPhone

    Kenapa Corn Android Upgrades? Sebab speed up
    repair android software yang
    saya masukkan untuk lajukan
    phone anda adalah ciptaan saya sendiri. Biarlah
    tempat lain orang yang buat
    upgrade hanya masuk custom saja, manakala dengan
    Corn Android Upgrades, Lepas
    Upgrade, Saya akan lajukan fon anda dengan Speed
    Up ciptaan saya. Tak dapat
    dekat mana mana internet. Lagi best, Speed Up ini
    akan lajukan fon anda sampai
    seluruh masa fon anda hidup. Speed Up ini tidak
    akan kacao masa buat Factory

    Interested to make your smartphone better?
    Thinking of changing it? Or do you
    still love your smartphone very much, but it's too
    slow and sluggish that you
    need to change? But can't afford to change one?
    Come and visit me to get your
    phone back to its glory! With 40% better speed and
    longer battery life!

    Why spend money buying new phones that are still
    going to get slow after time?

    Get your smartphone better within 30 minutes ONLY!
    Without wiping anything!
    (Unless necessary)


    Contact me directly @ !

    Corn Android Upgrades mempunyai semua hak milik Speed Up dalam sistem. Jangan tertarik dengan harga yang murah murah dekat mana mana sepertu sebab orang itu hanya Upgrade masuk custom rom yang anda dapat didapati dekat internet. Selain itu, fon anda put mungkin akan jadi rosak dalam proses itu.Kadang ambil masa 3-6 Jam! Manakala dengan Corn Android Upgrades, fon anda pasti tak kan rosak dan hanya akan jadi lagi elok HANYA DALAM MASA 30-45 Minit Saja! Paling Syok sekali, data data , gambar gambar semua tak perlu buang kecuali diperlukan! YAY! Apa phone yang dapat buat? Semua phone android.Samsung Galaxy S Galaxy S2 Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Galaxy s5 Galaxy s6 Galaxy S7 Galaxy a3, Galaxy a5 Galaxy a7 Galaxy alpha Galaxy S Advance Galaxy Note, Note 2 ,Samsung Galaxy Note 3, galaxy note 4 Note 5 edge Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro,Sony Xperia Z1, Z Ultra, Z, ZL, z2 z3, tab s Galaxy Grand Duos, S Duos Even the galaxy note 8.0 and note 10.1 too! Phones like Alcatel one touch ,huawei and zte , lg Optimus 4x HD, I alsoSpeed Up tablets such as Galaxy Tab, Tab 2 , Tab 7 Plus, Tab 3, Tab 3 8.0,galaxy tab 4 tab pro tab s Tab 7.7 ,Tab 10.1, Tablet Z and so on! Customer has 100% Positive feedbacks! No complaints! Even Galaxy Trend, Galaxy Ace, Ace 2, Ace 3, Ace Plus Ace Advance Get Superb difference after upgrades! Customers also come from all over Malaysia for Speed Up! Even Huawei Ascend , Ascend Mate, Ideos x5, Ninetology, CSL, Galaxy S6 S6 Edge Galaxy Note 5 A3 A5 A7 J Xperia Z4 Z3 M2 Aqua Mate 8 Note7 Note 7 S7 S7 Edge Honor 4C 4X 5C 5X MI Max Pro MI 5 Redmi Note 3 Pro Lenovo P1m Ding Ding

    Jangka masa Speed Up ini akan memperelokkan fon anda adalah tiada time limit. And any Android Phone can be Speed Up! China/ korean mtk phones or iPhones. Xiaomi mi3 mi4 mi5 mi Note pro redmi note redmi 1s. Xperia z2 z3 z3+ z5 note 4 note 5 s7 s6 edge s5 one, oppo, huawei, zte, Lenovo A390, A850, c3 , t2 ultra m2 e3 lg g2 can be speed up as well as lg G3 lg G4 lg V10 dapat support juga!,Galaxy Mega And Many More! HUAWEI honor 3c 3x Mate 8 Mate 7 Mate S honor 6 meizu mx4 galaxy tab 4 Dan Ramai ramai lagi! Motorola atrix, razr K900 K910 , P780, can be Speed Up for speed too! K910 ,S920, S930, s939, s960 vibe x, vibe z, vibe z2 pro, one plus one and one plus two one plus x oppo lenovo a880, lenovo p70 lenovo a916 lenovo a936 lenovo a806 lenovo a889 Galaxy j1 j2 j3 j5 j7 a3 a5 a7 a9 pro p9 lite p1m redmi note 3 pro mi max pro Asus zenfone 4 5 6 Asus zenfone 2 laser selfie Asus zenfone 3 max upon Speed Up can perform very similarly to branded expensive phones! All lenovo devices are fully supported! Galaxy S8 S8 plus Note 8 J2 Prime J5 J7 J3 Pro A7 A5 A3 17 Galaxy S10 S10+ Note 10 Note 10+ Asus ROG 2 Xiaomi Blackshark Realme Mate 20 Pro S20+ A51, A71 A80 A50 M31 one plus 7 pro one plus 6 galaxy fold galaxy z flip

    Fon anda akan terus jadi laju masa lepas saya Speed Up, dan kelajuan itu akan tahan sampai anda tak mau guna fon itu!

    Fon anda akan terus jadi laju masa lepas saya Speed Up, dan kelajuan itu akan tahan sampai anda tak mau guna fon itu!

    Cari F B saya Corn Android Upgrades.

    Why does Corn Android Upgrades can help you? This is because I'm using android phones as well, so I know what are the frustrations of android users! I'm here to fix them up!

    I've went to China to teach some technicians on
    how to increase their unsatisfied customer's
    android phone speed.
    I've written some of my own Speed Up to be
    included in the system to make it fast and battery saving..Speed is assured.
    I've spent more than 6 years on Speeding Up
    android and research since year
    2010. Speed Up are intensively tested and
    researched! Customers as satisfied.

    Speeds Up more than 200 devices per month! Skill
    highly reliable!

    100% Satisfaction and positive feedback!

    Quality Assured!

    Meet Up Area:
    Setia Taipan
    Setia Alam

    Corn Android Upgrades
Stay at home, during the MCO! We recommend you to use delivery services instead of practicing COD.
Do note that is NOT affiliated in any way with these delivery services and will not be responsible for any losses, damage or missing items.
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