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    Car Jockey Attendant cum Driver

    RM 1 400 - 1 800 per month  
    • To provide parking assistance upon arrival and departure of g
    est vehicles, responsible for parking cars orderly. ...
    • To ensure vehicles are parked orderly and be responsible for
    he security of the guest vehicles. ...
    • To perform parking duties for the efficient traffic control a
    the hotel entrance and safety of all guests and co-workers. ...
    • To transport guest luggage to and from vehicles and ensure th
    security of those luggage. ...
    • In the course of normal duties, to observe, report and to tak
    immediate corrective action on deficiencies, malfunctions and un ...
    • Ensure all trips scheduled are well taken care of and work cl
    sely with the Supervisor in arranging all trips in order to reach ...
    • Provide excellent customer service throughout the journey (e.
    . air condition temperature, music, speed, comfort of seats, fami ...
    • Obey and ensure clean traffic record (no speeding, parking or
    other traffic related penalty). ...
    • Ensure and maintain the cleanliness of the vehicles at all ti
    es (weekly major wash, daily minor cleaning). ...
    • Keep record of commute times and mileage as requested (includ
    reasons of delays if any). ...
    • Report of any mechanical issues, damages, accident to the Sup
    rvisor in charge. ...
    • Report of any unscheduled trips or incompliance of shuttle bo
    king (e.g. exceeded pax or luggage). ...
    • Possess valid license D with good driving skills and clean tr
    ffic record. ...
    • Candidate must be able to work shift/ flexi hours (driver), w
    ekend & public holidays. ...
    Responsibilities (Car Jockey Attendant): Responsibilities (Driver): Requirements: • Able to speak both English and Bahasa Melayu. • Good customer service skill.
    Today 14:58
    Fenix Inn Sdn Bhd  
    Melaka Tengah


    RM 1 250 - 1 700 per month  
    PEMBANTU PENYELIA bertanggungjawab dalam mengendali sesuatu event
    indoor dan outdoor. Belajar dan mengajar perkara asas sistem dala ...
    ciri-ciri : - minimum SPM - berumur 18 - 30 tahun - warganegara - sikap yang baik dan disiplin dalam kerja - boleh belajar perkara baru untuk temuduga sila whatsapp/hubungi : - 0176393620 (cik Farah) emailkan resume di email : hr.eventpe@gmail.com about us : www.orinsgroup.com
    Today 14:35
    OG International  
    Melaka Tengah

    Featured ad 15 Pembantu Jualan Syarikat Fulltime Diperlukan

    RM 1 900 - 2 400 per month  
    3) Tiada pengalaman diperlukan (syarikat akan berikan latihan seh
    ngga anda mahir) ...
    3) Gaji Pokok RM1000 + komisyen (Anggaran gaji bulan kasar RM1900
    RM2400) ...
    P/S: Anda tak perlu-perlu pening cari customer. syarikat akan sed
    akan senarai prospek utk anda hubungi di whatsapp, semudah copy a ...
    [+] Kelayakan: 1) Calon mestilah sekurang-kurangnya lulus SPM 2) Komited dalam mencapai sasaran jualan 4) Jika anda ada pengalaman dalam sales, dialu-alukan EMAILKAN RESUME ANDA KE : sales.lazic@gmail.com EMAILKAN RESUME ANDA KE : sales.lazic@gmail.com EMAILKAN RESUME ANDA KE : sales.lazic@gmail.com Pihak kami akan hubungi calon yang di-short listed utk temuduga
    Today 13:00
    Lazic Beauty Sdn Bhd  
    Ayer Keroh

    Junior supervisor event

    RM 1 300 - 1 650 per month  
    sebagai JUNIOR SUPERVISOR EVENT bertanggungjawab membantu mengend
    likan segala operasi yang dikendalikan oleh syarikat terutamanya ...
    1)Mempelajari asas dan sistem pengendalian roadshow/event. 2) Bertindak sebagai penyelia dalam event aktiviti. 3) latih orang baru. - berumur 19 - 29tahun. - lepasan graduan digalakkan mencuba. - berkelulusan sekurang-kurangnya SPM layak mencuba. - Memiliki pengangkutan sendiri. - Boleh bekerja dalam pengawasan yang minimum. - Keutamaan kepada calon yang boleh bermula segera. untuk interview sila whatsapp/hubungi : - cik fara 0176393620 atau emailkan resume ke : hr.eventpe@gmail.com
    Today 12:00
    OG International  
    Melaka Tengah

    Front Desk cum Reservation Admin

    RM 1 200 - 1 800 per month  
    - to ensure pre-arrival special request is ready prior to guest
    s arrival ...
    - to coordinate up-to-date room reservation status with housekeep
    ng team ...
    - to carry out general administration works, including sending ou
    guidance, data processing, record keeping & documentation ...
    - to report daily activities, critical information, issues to the
    management ...
    Responsibilities: - to register guest and assign room - to ensure smooth check in and check out - to collect and record all credit and cash payment - to respond to guest's request and inquiry promptly - to handle reservation via phone, online, email and walk-in - to monitor and update booking system at all time Requirements: - Good communication skill in English and Chinese. - Good computer and database literacy in MS Word/ Excel/ etc - Maintains neat, decent appearance - Pleasant smile - Outgoing, vocal, welcoming and attentive nature towards guests - Good work ethics and punctual to work - Able to work independently and demonstrate initiative.
    Today 11:17
    Asiapex Management Plt  
    Melaka Tengah


    RM 1 300 - 2 500 per month  
    - E-commerce standard operating procedures, and able to write in
    ppraisals ...
    - work careful, good at organization and coordination ability, te
    m spirit ...
    -good communication and expressive skills, and the ability to org
    nize teaching cases and make full use of modern teaching equipmen ...
    - able to planning for staff workflow - pleasant personality with good communications ability
    Today 11:02
    j&t express malaysia sdn.bhd  
    Melaka Tengah

    Branding Assistant/Supervisor (prefer Chinese)

    RM 1 500 - 2 500 per month  
    - Establish and promoting brand image and brand awareness via soc
    al media platform ...
    - Standardize & manage brand image - Establish brand identity and public relationship
    Today 11:02
    j&t express malaysia sdn.bhd  
    Melaka Tengah

    Freelance Research Respondents (Melaka)

    RM 20 - 500 per month  
    Involve in regular market research studies conducted by top globa
    research companies and brands, such as online surveys/ mobile ap ...
    - Receive research studies regularly from top global research com
    anies and brands. ...
    - Valid email address is required to receive market research stud
    es invitations. ...
    Interested candidates are invited visit our website via the link
    o find out more and register with us: http://bit.ly/ppmudahmym01 ...
    Responsibility: Benefits: - Earn per successful research study/ project completion. - Flexible time and no fixed hour commitment. Requirements: - Able to participate in research studies regularly. - Understand English and another local language is a plus. - Able to access internet regularly
    Today 09:50
    Melaka Tengah

    Van Sale & Lorry Driver& Sore Assistant

    RM 1 200 - 2 500 per month  
    Today 07:24
    ltp melaka  
    Batu Berendam

    Featured ad Head Chef / Sous Chef / Chef De Partie

    RM 2 500 - 5 000 per month  
    * Able to provide direction for all day-to-day operations in the
    itchen. ...
    * Utilizes interpersonal and communication skills to lead kitchen
    staffs. ...
    * Determines how food should be presented with decorative food di
    plays. ...
    * Discuss daily food cost reports with key kitchen and F&B team m
    mbers. ...
    * Ensure the kitchen complies with the requirements set by KKM an
    JAKIM. ...
    If you are interested, please WhatsApp (Ms. Liza) +60126160277 Name: No. IC: Phone No.: We will get back to you as soon as possible.
    Yesterday 19:55
    Ar Razi Group Sdn Bhd  
    Bukit Beruang

    Agen Takaful / Perancang Kewangan

    RM 1 500 - 4 500 per month  
    20 kekosongan di Melaka 20 kekosongan di Kota Kinabalu (PARTIME DAN FULLTIME) FAEDAH 1. Gaji Asas RM 1500-RM4500 Bagi yang berkelayakan 2. Komisen berganda dan bonus yang berterusan 3. Pencen dan slim persaraan yang menarik 4. Gaji yang boleh diwarisi 5. Percutian syarikat 2 kali setahun 6. Latihan dan sistem sokongan yang Berterusan
    Yesterday 16:59
    kay & partners  

    Graphic Designer

    RM 1 500 - 1 800 per month  
    - Working with a wide range of media and using graphic design sof
    ware. ...
    - Thinking creatively and developing new design concepts and layo
    t. ...
    Yesterday 16:50
    Orang Kampung Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd  

    Hiring lorry driver

    RM 1 800 - 2 500 per month  
    Yesterday 16:49
    lt hardware trading sdn bhd  

    Penolong stor

    RM 1 100 - 1 300 per month  
    CHIK KARIM, 75350 MELAKA. ...
    Yesterday 16:48
    lkmm sdn bhd  
    Batu Berendam

    Jawatan Kosong Coway Melaka & Muar

    RM 2 500 - 25 000 per month  
    Mengubah kehidupan dan taraf ekonomi keluarga daripada *Good To G
    eat* ...
    1. Memperkenalkan dan mempromosikan produk syarikat kepada pelang
    an ...
    Kami mencari anda untuk mengisi kekosongan Jawatan Promoter (Sale
    Executive & Manager) ...
    Penapis Air & Penapis Udara 3. Membuat laporan mengenai jualan dan pelanggan Area Melaka & Muar Gaji Kasar : RM800 - RM2500 Komisen Jualan : RM500 - RM1000 /produk Elaun Kursus : RM300 Bonus Bulanan : RM500 - RM2000 ***KENAPA ANDA PERLU SERTAI KAMI*** 1. Wake kerja yang fleksibel 2. Pendapatan yang lumayan 3. Team support dari syarikat 4. Tempat kerja disediakan 5. Latihan disediakan 6. Professional dan Kondusif Lokasi Temuduga Di Melaka & Muar CALL SEKARANG CALL SEKARANG CALL SEKARANG Quenna (Coway Malaysia) 0104640988 0104640988
    Yesterday 16:05
    Coway Melaka & Muar  

    Warehouse Supervisor

    RM 1 600 - 2 500 per month  
    To those interested, Kindly e-mail the resume to : hr.wonght@power-weld.com (Attn : HR-Mr.Wong) * Only short listed will be contacted
    Yesterday 13:28
    Leeden Powerweld Sdn Bhd  
    Ayer Keroh

    Pencarian tutor home tuition & virtual class

    RM 1 500 - 3 000 per month  
    Komited dalam memberi komitmen selepas dipilih menjadi tenaga pen
    ajar PBME. ...
    ◻ Berumur tidak kurang dari 20 tahun dan tidak lebih dari 55 ta
    un pada tarikh tutup iklan ...
    ◻ Memiliki Sijil/Diploma/STPM/STAM/Ijazah/Sarjana/PHD dalam seb
    rang jurusan ...
    ◻ Mesti mempunyai kemudahan internet dan aplikasi whatsapp bagi
    tujuan perbincangan ...
    Mereka yang mempunyai ciri-ciri diatas serta berminat boleh memoh
    n dengan menghatar Resume kepada kami di mathsproht@gmail.com . ...
    Bagi Tutor yang tiada pengalaman, sila hantar video Mock Teaching
    di whatsapp kami www.wasap.my/60192503579 ...
    arKxUEDzqilxXVQcrHnx2CqA/viewform?c=0&w=1&fbzx=-53296548299029960 ...
    PERLU mahir dalam subjek /matapelajaran yang ingin diajar. . Tidak menghampakan harapan ibu bapa bagi pelajar yang di didik. . . SEMUA SUBJECT KELAS BAHASA KELAS AGAMA KELAS MENGAJI BAHASA CINA, ARAB DAN LAIN-LAIN KELAS MEMBCA & MENGIRA . KADAR ELAUN ---------------- Elaun sekitar RM20/jam hingga RM45/jam KELAYAKAN ------------- ◻ Warganegara Malaysia KELEBIHAN PBME? ------------------- ✔ Skim Simpanan Tutor ✔ Sijil Pengiktirafan Tutor ✔ Latihan dan Bimbingan untuk tutor ✔ Peluang kenaikan elaun dan pangkat . . . Boleh juga hubungi kami di 019-250 3579 (Cik Aqila) . BOLEH JUGA ISI DI LINK DI BAWAH. . . Mereka yang terpilih akan dihubungi oleh kami
    Yesterday 13:19
    fah holding sdn bhd  
    Alor Gajah

    Pekerja Restoran Indonesian

    RM 1 800 per month  
    Full Time 6 Pekerja Wanita (Melayu) harap hubungi : 014 7348988 or email : psam118@yahoo.com
    Yesterday 13:15
    Kafe Ayam Penyet Lamongan  
    Ayer Keroh

    IT Officer (prefer mandarin speaker)

    RM 1 300 - 2 300 per month  
    1. Troubleshooting and maintain technical issue (PC, CCTV, barcod
    scanner, telephone, printer, internet) ...
    2. Training the SOP of J&T system to the stuff 3. Maintenance the Droppoint (outlet) system 4. Report the any necessary data to supervisor / area manager
    Yesterday 11:55
    j&t express malaysia sdn.bhd  
    Melaka Tengah

    Cnc & wire cut machinist and mechanical designer

    RM 1 000 - 2 000 per month  
    ~ Able to design jig and fixture, simple cutting tools, machine a
    tomation. ...
    ~ Milling/CNC Milling, Programmer, Surface/Profile Grinding and W
    re Cut. ...
    ~ Able to read & understand technical drawing and handle measurin
    equipment’s. ...
    ~ Ability to work under minimum or without supervision, and willi
    g to work overtime. ...
    1. Position: Mechanical Designer ~ Mechanical base engineering ~ AutoCAD proficient ~ Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines ~ Knowledge of manufacturing process ~ Good interpersonal skill, hardworking and willing to learn. 2. Position: Machinists ~ Min 2 year experience. ~ Able to determine the machining process sequence. ~ Good discipline and cooperation with others. ~ Able to work on shift ~ Able to finish job on time. 3. Position: Runner / Despatch ~ Possess valid motorbike and driving license. ~ Hardworking, punctual and discipline ~ Able to work overtime if required ~ familiar with Melaka area ~ Can start work immediately
    18 Apr 18:37
    Kyosei Seimitsu Manufacturing Sdn Bhd  
    Batu Berendam


    RM 1 200 - 1 500 per month  
    Yang berminat, sila contact : Ms Yong(016-6628133) for arrangment
    of interview. ...
    Tempat kerja: No. 4 & 6, Jalan Jasa Merdeka 10, Taman Datuk Tamb
    Chik Karim. 75250 Melaka. ...
    A) SPM DAN KEATAS B) UMUR 25THN ~30TAHUN(perempuan) C)BERPENGALAMAN DALAM ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT(at least 1 tahun) KERJA TERMASUK: i) Filing ii) Kejar payment dari customer(mengetahui UBS/SQL system) iii) Report in Excel format. iv) Issue Invoice /stock check/control.
    18 Apr 18:37
    lkmm sdn bhd  
    Batu Berendam

    Jawatan kosong krew restoran di melaka

    RM 1 600 - 1 800 per month  
    ambik order, masak (akan diberi latihan) buat air, membuat report
    & membersihkan kedai ...
    18 Apr 16:05
    Empayar Niaga Sulaiman Ogung  
    Bandar Hilir

    PELUANG KERJAYA (Bahagian Sale)

    RM 1 300 - 3 000 per month  
    Kami nak menambah lagi Staff Sale di office Alana Melaka. . Kriteria 1. Boleh menjual 2. Pernah jadi dropship,ejen,stokis produk sebelum nih 3. Pernah meniaga pasar malam 4. Tidak malu 5. Aktif di media social 6. Mudah bergaul, spoting dan sebagainya >> BONUS 1. Setiap bulan dapat bonus RM200 jika capai target. 2. Reward setiap minggu jika menjadi TOP SALE 3. Tempat penginapan disediakan (jika perlu)
    18 Apr 15:22
    Alor Gajah

    Sales marketing & graphic designer

    RM 1 100 - 2 000 per month  
    Syarikat Cetak Haws Resources merupakan syarikat pengiklanan & pe
    cetakan yang berpengalaman sejak 2010. Kepakaran kami adalah meny ...
    Jika anda yang kami cari, sila hantar resume beserta gambar serta
    portfolio (designer sahaja) ke email cetakhaws.job@gmail.com deng ...
    . KEMASUKAN SEGERA. JAWATAN 1 : - GRAPHIC DESIGNER (RM1,100.00 - RM2,000.00) . KELAYAKAN - Perempuan - Melayu / Bumiputera - Berumur 19-26 tahun - Single - Jujur & Amanah - Mahir menggunakan Adobe (Psd&Ai) - Berdisiplin - Mempunyai komitmen yang tinggi dalam kerjaya. - Mempunyai pengalaman dalam reka grafik (diberi keutamaan) - Mempunyai kenderaan sendiri . FAEDAH - Potongan EPF & SOCSO - Cuti Tahunan **CONFIRM - Handphone & data akan disediakan. JAWATAN 2 : - TEAM SALES (RM1,100.00 - RM2,000.00) . KELAYAKAN - Perempuan sahaja. - Melayu / Bumiputera - Berumur 19-26 tahun - Single - Jujur & Amanah - Mahir menggunakan Microsoft Words - Berdisiplin - Mempunyai kenderaan sendiri - Mesra dengan pelanggan - Rajin update status di FB & IG . FAEDAH - Potongan EPF & SOCSO - Cuti Tahunan **CONFIRM - Komisyen setiap tempahan - Handphone & data akan disediakan. . .
    18 Apr 15:14
    cetak haws  
    Melaka Tengah

    Pembantu Jualan / Sales Assistant

    RM 1 000 per month  
    - Berpengalaman membuat jualan retail secara offline ( diutamakan
    ) ...
    Kelayakan: - Berpengalaman membuat jualan secara online ( diutamakan ) - Komited dalam mencapai target jualan - Boleh menerima arahan dengan baik - Boleh menguruskan tekanan (pressure) bekerja dengan baik - Wanita Sahaja - Mahir FB, SMS, Whatsapp, - Fasih bahasa melayu dan basic English. - Mahir computer dan penggunaan Microsoft word and excel. Hari Bekerja : Ahad – Jumaat (Sabtu Cuti) Masa Bekerja 9am-6pm Location : Ayer Keroh, Melaka
    18 Apr 14:55
    Habra Group Sdn. Bhd  
    Ayer Keroh

    50 pekerja kilang Jubin Selayang Baru

    RM 1 200 - 1 800 per month  
    sila hubungi sms/whatapp/call 012-777 8044 - En Rizal Gaji kasar bulanan RM1200-RM1800 boleh kerja segara
    18 Apr 13:35
    agensi pekerjaan orange recruit  

    Operator Pemasangan

    RM 1 000 per month  
    12 BULAN KONTRAK kini dibuka semula kerana penambahan yang dimint
    pelanggan ...
    WAJIB Minima SPM dan ada pengalaman kerja kilang, seperti Elektro
    ik/Elektrik/Semiconductor ...
    Kemasukan SEGERA (sekiranya berjaya mula kerja awal atau pada 2.M
    y.2018 ), temuduga pada 24.4.2018 pada pukul 3.15 petang... ...
    Gaji pokok RM 1000 + Elaun Kedatangan + Elaun Makanan + Elaun Ken
    eraan ...
    _________________________________________________ JAWATAN KOSONG OPERATOR PENGELUARAN (LELAKI & WANITA) 15 tempat kekosongan Kilang BATU BERENDAM Umur sehingga 36 tahun sahaja.. Lokasi interview akan diberitahu kelak... POTONGAN EPF & SOCSO Satu shift sahaja..800pg-530ptg (OT sampai 930mlm) Isnin - Jumaat (Sabtu/Ahad kalau keje kira OT) Berminat sila whatsapp Shahrom (010-2737424) http://www.wasap.my/operatorbatuberendam/60102737424 Nama: Umur: Kelulusan: Pengalaman Kerja: KENDERAAN SENDIRI & TIADA HOSTEL DISEDIAKAN..
    18 Apr 12:03
    Adecco Staffing & Outsourcing Sdn Bhd  
    Batu Berendam

    Maintenance cum Housekeeping Assistant

    RM 1 200 per month  
    Interested, kindly contact 0182202288 (9am - 6pm) to arrange for
    nterview. Please call during office hours. ...
    Job requirement - Maintain cleanliness and upkeeping of hotel area and rooms - Maintain the quality of furniture and fittings of the hotel * Salary based on job experience and overtime salary is provided
    18 Apr 12:02
    Courtyard At Heeren Boutique Hotel  
    Melaka Tengah

    English/Mandarin Pre-School Teacher

    RM 1 100 per month  
    We are looking for pre-school / kindergarten teacher to conduct p
    e-school education program/ activities for ...
    Those who are interested, please send in your applications with r
    sume to ...
    following email address: tjbc2000@gmail.com or call/whatsapp to M
    ss Jessie Lee at ...
    children in age 3-6 years old. Requirements:- - STPM/Diploma And Above - Love and Passion in early childhood education - With / Without Experience - Female only - Able to Read and Write in English or Mandarin 5 Days Work Per Week with good Salary and Training is provided. Salary : RM 1100 + Allowance + Incentive Location: Paya Rumput / Cheng Melaka.(Near to Tesco Cheng) 0196580780 (2 pm - 6 pm) .
    18 Apr 09:33
    Melaka Tengah

    Tukang Mahir Menyimen Dan Menggosok Simen

    RM 80 - 120 per day  
    Kami dari MKN Sprayworks ingin mencari tukang yang Mahir menyimen
    dan menggosok kereta diutamakan. ...
    Menggosok menggunakan sanding pad panjang. Long sander, orbital s
    nder. Gosok basah dan kering. Kelebihan lain boleh menyembur, buk ...
    Kami sangat mementingkan KUALITI dan KEKEMASAN kerja. Pengalaman minimum 5 tahun bekerja. Gaji hari bermula rm80-120. Bonus bulanan sehingga rm300. Berdasarkan prestasi kerja. Isnin-Sabtu 9.00am-6.00pm. Rehat 12.30pm-2.00pm. WhatsApp/ sms sahaja ditalian +6011-15087196.
    18 Apr 09:30
    Alor Gajah

    Staff Nurse / Physiotherapist at Senior Care Home

    RM 1 300 - 1 900 per month  
    - Feeding, grooming and assisting our residents on day to day act
    vities. ...
    - Ensure resident care plan is executed as per doctor's direction
    - Ensure daily shift handover is done with handover meetings - Be patient, caring, compassionate and professional. The centre is located neat Bukit Baru Melaka.
    17 Apr 19:37
    senior garden elderly care centre  
    Melaka Tengah

    Krew Coolblog

    RM 1 400 per month  
    Membuat pelbagai jenis minuman dengan menggunakan blender. Membuat pembersihan am di dalam kaunter minuman. Jika berminat sila hubungi, Ms. Low 012-5067645
    17 Apr 18:35
    Fantasy Dessert Enterprise  

    Eksekutif Pembangunan Perniagaan & Pemasaran

    RM 1 500 - 1 700 per month  
    5. Merancang dan menyediakan Perancangan Perniagaan (Business Pla
    ). ...
    6. Merancang dan melaksanakan aktiviti-aktiviti promosi dan pemas
    ran yang berkesan. ...
    7. Memperkenalkan dan mempromosikan produk syarikat kepada kumpul
    n sasaran. ...
    8. Bekerjasama dengan jabatan atau agensi yang berkaitan pelancon
    an bagi tujuan promosi dan pemasaran. ...
    9. Terlibat secara langsung dalam pembukaan booth promosi di karn
    val-karnival yang bersesuaian. ...
    Bagi mereka yang berminat dan KOMITED sahaja. Email resume anda k
    admin@planetarium.my ...
    17 Apr 17:19
    planetarium melaka sdn bhd  
    Ayer Keroh

    Kindergarten Teacher

    RM 900 - 1 000 per month  
    2. Part time Teacher(2 months-middle of May until middle of July)
    2 position ...
    We are looking for kindergarten teacher, with or without experien
    e. ...
    Interested candidate please send your complete resume with photo&
    xpected salary to khalifahcomel@gmail.com or contact Teacher Sara ...
    Position (3 positions available): 1. Full time Teacher MUST BE ABLE TO TEACH AL-QURAN In our kindergarten, we have students from 4 to 6 years old. Responsible for kindergarten and daycare programs. Muslimah aged 20-30 years old. Enegertic, Loving and Caring Tadika located at Taman Tiong Emas, Bukit Katil, Melaka. Working hours: 7am - 6pm
    17 Apr 17:19
    TKC Niaga Sdn Bhd  
    Melaka Tengah

    Lorry driver cum general helper

    RM 2 100 per month  
    responsibility, able to carry heavy
    17 Apr 17:11
    mun kiong trading sdn bhd  
    Melaka Tengah


    RM 1 300 - 2 400 per month  
    Jawatan Kosong Kilang GAJI TERTINGGI!! Kelebihan: -Gaji dari RM 1300 %u2013 RM 2400 -Kerja kendalikan barang elektronik -Kerja 5 atau 6 hari -Kerja 8 hingga 12 jam sehari -Kerja rolling shift - siang /malam -Pelbagai jenis elaun menarik -Asrama dan Pengangkutan disediakan -Latihan kerja diberikan Kelayakan: -Lelaki & Wanita -Umur 18 tahun hingga 40 tahun -Warganegara Malaysia -Boleh membaca,menulis dan mengira -Tidak memerlurkan sebarang sijil untuk sesetengah kilang kita -Tidak memerlukan pengalaman kerja kilang atau lain lain -Tiada masalah kerja shift -Bersiap sedia untuk datang ke Johor Bahru (bagi mereka yg tinggal diluar JB) Hubungi / Whatsapp di talian: 016-7215449 (Erni) 016-2016540 (Diah) 016-2016705 (Tarmizi) Ikuti kami di Instagram: apdreamjob Facebook: Recruitment Agency Dream Job Sdn Bhd Web: www.dreamjob.com.my
    17 Apr 15:35
    agensi pekerjaan starhill sdn. bhd  

    Tenaga Pengajar Pra Sekolah

    RM 1 000 per month  
    Calon calon yang berminat perlu mempunyai kriteria berikut untuk
    ertimbangan: ...
    1) Kelayakan minima SPM. Kelulusan Diploma keatas layak dipertimb
    ngkan. Kelayakan di dalam bidang Pendidikan Pra Sekolah satu kele ...
    Calon yang berminat boleh menghantar resume ke tadikaiman@gmail.c
    m. calon yang menepati kriteria akan dipanggil untuk temuduga. ...
    2) Amanah, jujur dan sihat tubuh badan 3) Solat 5 waktu, fasih membaca Al Quran dan bersahsiah baik 4) Mempunyai kenderaan sendiri 5) Boleh bekerja dengan baik tanpa pengawasan
    17 Apr 14:10
    pusat pendidikan iman  
    Melaka Tengah

    Guru al quran

    RM 1 000 - 1 200 per month  
    Job Description: **nama penuh **alamat **kelulusan ke nombor 0176931245 (WHATSAPP atau SMS SAHAJA) **Penginapan disediakan bagi yang tinggal di luar Melaka **keutamaan kepada yang bujang **Umur 22 tahun - 30 tahun **Gaji RM1000 - RM1200 Alamat Imtiyaz Aulad: KELAS AL-QURAN IMTIYAZ AULAD NO 20, JALAN KJ24 TAMAN KRUBONG JAYA 75260 KRUBONG MELAKA
    17 Apr 12:19
    imtiyaz aulad  
    Melaka Tengah

    Jawatan Kosong Coway Melaka

    RM 5 000 - 25 000 per month  
    1. Memperkenalkan dan mempromosikan produk syarikat kepada pelang
    an. ...
    Kami mencari anda untuk mengisi kekosongan Jawatan Promoter (Sale
    Executive & Manager) Area Perak dan Penang. ...
    Mempromosi Produk Penapis Air no 1 Di Malaysia dan Korea 1 rumah 1 penapis air mengubah kehidupan dan taraf ekonomi keluarga From Good to Great 2. Menjaga hubungan dengan pelanggan-pelanggan sedia ada 3. Membuat laporan mengenai jualan dan pelanggan Gaji Basic : RM800 - RM2500 Komisen Jualan : RM500 - RM1500 / produk Elaun Kursus : RM300 Bonus bulanan : RM500 - RM2000 ### KENAPA PERLU SERTAI KAMI? ### 1. Waktu Kerja yang Fleksible 2. Pendapatan yang lumayan 3. Team support dari syarikat 4. Kebajikan pekerja dijaga 5. Tempat kerja Meja Ofis disediakan 6. Training dan Latihan disediakan 7. Professional dan Kondusif Lokasi Temuduga di Melaka & Johor CALL NOW CALL NOW CALL NOW Annie ( Coway Malaysia ) 0192627791 0192627791
    17 Apr 12:14
    coway m sdn bhd  
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    Kerja part time

    Tiada pengalaman kerja juga boleh kerja.
    17 Apr 09:31
    Mohd Noor  
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