Mother's Day Gift Set

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  • 我送 #母亲节礼盒 给她 一打开里面
    ������ 有一张我自己写的 #手写卡 那些肉麻话 都是想要对妈咪讲的心里话!送给妈咪~ 妈咪读了眼眶更加湿������������!
    ������然后里面还有 #康乃馨 满满的母亲节味道������! 这个康乃馨不是什么假花还是真花!他是肥皂来的������!可以让妈咪洗手 / 也可以泡浴缸用������!让她在花香里面享受~
    ������还有2个 #汤包!让妈咪可以煮leng汤给我们喝������!1个暖暖养生汤,1个暖暖养颜汤!让全家一起补身体!一举多得������
    ������里面有一个 #雕刻 的 #保温杯!可以刻上妈咪的名字 !你也知道的咯,妈咪们很喜欢喝热热的东西的!送她这个他直接跟我讲!谢谢你啊 ah girl 这个我很需要叻,我可以每天泡热热的kopi/茶 放在保温杯慢慢喝料!
    ������还有还有!就是!暖暖他们家 最热销的产品!#暖暖茶,妈咪这个年龄lehh 手脚很容易冷的~ so 暖暖茶可以让他保暖!让他身体不容易冷~,而且!还可以帮妈咪养颜!让他年年18岁������!
    ������当然!还有一个美美的礼盒!是女生都喜欢收到美美的东西的������!妈咪也一样~ !放心交给我们 我们帮你settle美美~ 你可以直接送给妈咪了!

    I send #Mother’s Day gift box to her as soon as I open it
    ������ There is a #handwriting card that I wrote myself. Those nasty words are what I want to say to Mommy! Give it to Mommy~ Mommy's eyes got wetter after reading it ������!
    ������ Then there is #Carnation, which is full of Mother's Day flavor ! This carnation is not a fake flower or a real flower! He came from soap ������! You can let Mommy wash your hands / soak in the bathtub ������! Let her enjoy in the fragrance of flowers~
    ������There are 2 more #汤包! Let Mommy cook leng soup for us to drink ������! 1 Nuan Nuan health soup, 1 Nuan Nuan health soup! Let the whole family replenish the body together! Do more in one fell swoop ������
    ������There is a #carving #insulation cup inside! You can engrave Mommy's name! As you know, moms like to drink hot things! He told me directly about sending her! Thank you, ah girl, I really need it. I can make hot kopi/tea every day and drink it slowly in a thermos!
    ������There is more! That's it! Nuannuan's most popular product! #暖暖茶, mommy's age lehh's hands and feet are easy to get cold~ so warm tea can keep him warm! Let him not get cold easily~, and! You can also help mommy look up! Make him 18 years old ������!
    ������Of course! There is also a beautiful gift box! Girls like to receive beautiful things������! The same goes for mom~! Don't worry, leave it to us and we will help you settle Meimei~ You can give it to Mommy directly!
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