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Searching for Admin / Admin related jobs
Searching for Admin / Admin related jobs
RM 2 400 - 2 700 per month
Dear Sir / Madam, I am searching for vacancies in Administration position. My name is Narumanan Jeevanantham and i have a Diploma and experiences in Administration,Clerical,Documentation and basic Data Entry. I am proficient in Microsoft Office,Adobe Acrobat,Google Chrome and other general computer applications. I have included my resume and if you require any further information, I can be reached at 0111 621 5693 and naru.manan9211@gmail.com . ~NOT INTERESTED IN SALES AND MARKETING JOBS~
Nov 29, 16:17Others
I am an online art and English teacher
I am an online art and English teacher
RM 300 per month
Anyone interested in learning art or Primary school students English. Kindly contact me. Online teaching anywhere. Have 6 years in teaching experience.
Nov 4, 14:09Others
Tutor / Mentoring / Tuition Teacher
Tutor / Mentoring / Tuition Teacher
RM 100 - 100 per day
Hi I'm your friendly neighbourhood tutor. I welcome parents or individual looking for tutor / mentor / tuition teacher to assist in secondary school subjects ( BIOLOGY , PHYSICS , CHEMISTRY , ADD MATH , MATH MODERN - Critical Subjects ) I'm happy to assist you. My academic background and achievements are excellent as well as certified by MRSM as student tutor. I could prep you for mock interview for those getting ready for scholarship interview especially in MBBS . Please contact me if you are 101% ready to give commitment. My phone number are 01135238642. Only within Kulim and nearby area. Thank You Mudah :)
Nov 1, 16:26Butterworth