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    RM 1 800 per month  
    Install, maintain and repair electrical control, wiring, and ligh
    ing systems. ...
    Inspect transformers and circuit breakers and other electrical co
    ponents. ...
    Troubleshoot electrical issues using appropriate of testing devic
    s. ...
    Follow National Electrical Code state and local building regulati
    ns. ...
    Here is my Job experience. Read technical diagrams and blueprints. Perform general electrical maintenance. Repair and replace equipment, electrical wiring, or fixtures. Circuit breaker corrective maintenance. Good knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems. Good knowledge of various test equipment.
    12 Jun 12:03
    larry kolan kolandaisamy  

    Mencari kerja memandu lori van

    RM 123 per month  
    Saya memerlukan kerja memandu lori atau van komersial. . Tinggal
    i gerik, 24 ...
    tahun, ada transport sendiri. Pengalaman kerja sebagai pemandu va
    dan lori 3 ...
    ton. . . saya memiliki lesen memandu yg sah iaitu GDL dan PSV dan
    juga kelas D ...
    dan B2. . sekiranya ada boleh hubungi saya call atau whatsapp 019
    098304 ...
    (shahir). .
    11 Jun 22:50
    Muhammad Shahir  

    Job, Wanted

    RM 1 200 per month  
    1. Warehouse Assisstant supervisor, The Store, Jalan Dato Onn Jaa
    ar (4 years) ...
    2. Supervisor Household & Stationery Department, The Store (2 yea
    s) ...
    Name - Norhayati binti Darus 30 years old. job summary; 3. Assisstant Manager, 99 speedmart. strenght: - Commited at work. - self motivated. - able to work independently - able to work in team - fast leaner - multi tasking . - good communicating in Malay and English.
    29 May 12:46

    Driver servis

    RM 1 000 per month  
    Mencari pekerjaan sebagai pemandu persendirian. gaji boleh berbin
    ang. saya hanya perlukan pekerjaan sahaja. Saya mempunyai lesen B ...
    18 May 11:59
    Mohamad Taufik  

    Kebun sawit anda diserang ulat bungkus pm sy

    RM 2 per day  
    Kerja2 utk mebasmi ulat bungkus
    8 May 15:49
    khairul kamal  

    I'm Freelance Part Time Account Provider

    RM 400 per month  
    Providing accounting data/entries and GST submission.
    7 May 09:34
    Tan Say Khong  


    Graduate from University College Bestari in Bachelor's Degree of
    usiness Administration with HONOR ...
    Open for University Students or Company who need help or in time
    onstraints. ...
    Part time paperwork maker for students and any companies 3 years experience in clerical and administration job scope 3 years experience as secretary of Majlis Belia Felda Daerah 5 years experience in making a paperwork Part time translator Wages : negotiable / based on print price Can reach me by email : q_shamira@yahoo.com or by Whatsapp : 0135297037
    28 Apr 13:21
    Noorshamira Hashim  

    Chargeman A1

    RM 1 500 per month  
    18 Apr 16:54
    Abdul Azim B Roslan