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    RM 1 800 - 2 000 per month  
    1) maintain inventory 2) receiving & ordering stocks 3) maintain sales floor, stocks display and cross sales. 4) monitor operation 5) provide training and assist other staffs 6) achieve sales target & company's goals.
    Today 22:48
    Seksyen 7 Shah Alam  
    Shah Alam

    Pembantu klinik pergigian

    RM 1 200 - 1 400 per month  
    Jika anda seorang yang berdisiplin, ceria dan bertanggungjawab, k
    mi mahukan anda! ...
    Anda perlu sanggup bekerja syif (8am-5pm/9am-6pm/12pm-9pm)dan ha
    i Sabtu. Penduduk Ampang diutamakan. ...
    Yang berpengalaman kerja seperti customer service dan admin dialu
    alukan ...
    Sila hantar resume anda ke: atau whatsapp 012
    5281769/0125279660. ...
    Tugas-tugas anda: *membantu doktor di bilik rawatan *kerja-kerja berkaitan pentadbiran klinik *menelefon pesakit untuk mengingatkan temujanji *kerja-kerja pembersihan klinik dan peralatan
    Today 22:00
    Klinik Pergigian Idramawar  


    RM 1 800 - 3 000 per month  
    Melaksanakan penyelenggaraan pencegahan rutin kemudahan & peralat
    n. ...
    Membaiki pendawaian elektrik seperti yang diperlukan oleh pelangg
    n. ...
    Menyediakan laporan harian/mingguan/bulanan di atas arahan pihak
    engurusan. ...
    Masa kerja di Selayang , Cheras dan Cyberjaya - 8:00am hingga 5:0
    pm. ...
    Boleh berkerja shift di Pantai Dalam.
    Today 21:34
    Super Hanter Ent  

    Dental nurse assistant receptionist wanted

    RM 1 600 - 2 000 per month  
    Must have good attitude, willing to learn, good interpersonal ski
    ls, ...
    Job scope: assist dentist during treatment, disinfection of instr
    ments, take ...
    dental records and x-rays, manage front desk and inventory, basic
    cleaning of ...
    Please attach your application along with resume - EMAIL to No experience required - training will be provided hardworking Fluent in English and BM; Mandarin/Cantonese added advantage clinic 6 working days, 9-6 pm. Off on most public holidays. EPF/SOCSO/SIP provided. OT provided.
    Today 21:28
    Kota Damansara

    Featured ad Electrical Wireman

    RM 1 200 - 1 500 per month  
    Kekosongan jawatan sebagai Pendawai Elektrik (Wireman). SYARAT-SYARAT: Pengalaman dalam bidang wiring elektrik Mempunyai lesen memandu kereta kelas D Berumur 18 hingga 35 tahun KELEBIHAN: Caruman KWSP dan Perkeso Cuti Tahunan Lokasi: Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh, Selangor Berminat sila hubungi untuk pertanyaan: Call/WHATSAPP: 019-226 6232 Pejabat: 03-6128 4677
    Today 21:05
    Kristal Maya Resources  
    Sungai Buloh

    My 2nd Income (Part-Time/Full-Time)

    RM 3 000 - 6 000 per month  
    Lessen your anxiety because we will provide you with systematic &
    professional training support both on ground and online. ...
    Your income affected by the pandemic? Want to increase your income? Looking for flexible working hour? ————————————————————— !! WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU !! ————————————————————— Let's join for My 2nd Income! Simply follow our guide/workflow and you will earn it! * Part-Time : RM 1,000 - RM 3,000 Growth your business and career path! * Full-Time : RM 3,000 - RM 6,000 No experience or skill? Interested? Direct reach me via WhatsApp:
    Today 20:45
    Shah Alam

    Admin Cum Receptionist Pusat Tuisyen Serumpun

    RM 1 500 - 1 800 per month  
    Pusat Tuisyen Serumpun sedang mencari admin cum receptionist di c
    wangan Subang Bestari, Shah Alam. ...
    3. Minimum qualification diploma (fresh graduate sangat digalakka
    ) ...
    7. Perlu sentiasa bersedia untuk membuat kerja di luar skop atau
    aru ...
    9. Perlu update dengan perkembangan dan penggunaan teknologi dan
    edia sosial terbaru ...
    Kepada yang berminat, sila emailkan resume ke
    Berikut adalah kriteria yang diperlukan: 1. Perempuan 2. Tinggal di/berdekatan Subang Bestari 4. Sentiasa positif, ceria, rajin, fokus dan friendly 5. Boleh bekerja daripada pukul 2-10.30 malam 6. Mempunyai kebolehan menggunakan microsoft words dan excel 8. Mempunyai kenderaan sendiri 10. Jika bagus pasti akan naik gaji! pastikan semua maklumat adalah terkini.
    Today 20:36
    Pusat Tuisyen Serumpun  
    Subang Bestari


    RM 2 000 - 2 500 per month  
    Qualification: 1. Min Certificate / SPM & Above 2. Age 20 years - 25 years old 3. Experienced / Non experienced (Training provided) 4. Fresh Graduate encouraged 5. Able to work indoor & outdoor 6. Have good image & good Attitude 7. Can start Immediately Responsibilities: 1. Machine service and repair Benefits: 1. Overtime 2. Service Commission 3. Outstation Allowance 4. 13th Month Bonus 5. EPF 6. Socso 7. Staff Insurance Working hours *Monday-Friday (9.00 am-6.00 pm) *Saturday-Sunday (Off) Fast response call/whatsapp : Mr. Eric (019-823 6189) or sent resume through email :
    Today 19:45
    Syarikat Perniagaan Kemuncak  


    RM 2 000 - 2 500 per month  
    Qualification: 1. Min Certificate / SPM & Above 2. Age 20 years - 25 years old 3. Experienced / Non experienced (Training provided) 4. Fresh Graduate encouraged 5. Able to work indoor & outdoor 6. Have good image & good Attitude 7. Can start Immediately Responsibilities: 1. Store management 2. Goods delivery management Benefits: 1. Overtime 2. Sale Collection Incentive 3. Deliver Allowance 4. 13th Month Bonus 5. EPF 6. Socso 7. Staff Insurance Working hours *Monday-Friday (9.00 am-6.00 pm) *Saturday-Sunday (Off) Fast response call/whatsapp : Mr. Eric (019-823 6189) or sent resume through email :
    Today 19:39
    Syarikat Perniagaan Kemuncak  

    Digital Marketing Executive

    RM 2 000 - 2 500 per month  
    * Age 22 & above, discipline and always puncture, responsible, ho
    est, patient, friendly personality are welcome to work at: Kampun ...
    * Plan & carry out scheduled, monitor company’s digital platfor
    (Marketplace and website) from time to time as to ensure continu ...
    * To manage & develop promotional activity via social media platf
    rm, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and etc. ...
    * Coordinate, regular updates of existing contents, information a
    d details on website & across all digital platforms. ...
    * Design & upload materials to website and marketing channels by
    greed deadlines. ...
    * Take & edit photographs of events, products, installation & rel
    ted projects, etc. ...
    * Provide creative ideas & prepare visual elements (Digital image
    & posters, videos, etc) for content marketing. ...
    * Assisting in day-to-day operational of warehouse & marketing de
    artment. ...
    * Assisting in product packing, product preparation, get to know
    ll product’s location in warehouse. ...
    * Good customer service to fulfill the requirement & feedback of
    nline customer & dealers. ...
    * Alert with any promotion or price adjustment, special offer, up
    oming events… ...
    * Maintaining good environment by taking care of the cleanliness
    tidiness of the workplace & warehouse. ...
    * Follow instruction and report on daily operation & response to
    essages and email from the superior. ...
    * To undertake ad-hoc assignments or other related duties as assi
    ned from time to time. ...
    responsibilities * Work in teams consistently to develop new contents.
    Today 18:50
    Guitar Collection Sdn Bhd  
    Petaling Jaya

    Retail Salesperson

    RM 1 100 - 3 000 per month  
    ~No Experience Required | 无需学历 | Tidak Memerlukan Pengala
    an ...
    ~No Diploma Required | 无需文凭与经验 | Tidak Diperlukan D
    ploma ...
    ~Welcome To Join Our Team | 欢迎加入我们团队 | Selamat Da
    ang Untuk Menyertai Pasukan Kami ~ ...
    We’re Hiring� �招聘员工� •Retail Sale Promoter | 门市销售员 | Jurujual -Working Day | 工作日 | Hari Bekerja :6 Days Salary & Commission - Rm1100 -- Rm3000 * EPF * SOCSO * EIS * YEARLY BONUS •Provide Training | 提供训练 | Beri Latihan •Friendly Talk •Responsible | 有责任心 | Bertanggungjawab - Location | 地点 | Alamat :Rawang Bukit Sentosa Contact Us: 016-9677617 🚗Address🚗 No 501, jalan ttdi 1/1 taman ttdi grove kajang 43000. 🚗Waze🚗 : JC Gadget World Kajang
    Today 18:47
    JC Gadget World  

    Perunding Hartanah / Real Estate Negotiator

    RM 50 000 per month  
    Ingin meneroka mengenali kejayaan / bidang sebagai Perunding Hart
    nah (Real Estate Negotiator)? ...
    Kami sedang mencari 20 orang perunding hartanah untuk Agensi Hart
    nah kami sekarang. Mereka berpeluang untuk mengurus akaun-akaun d ...
    Syarat - Syarat 1. Warganegara Malaysia berumur 18 ke atas 2. Tiada pengalaman hartanah diperlukan 3. Secara Fulltime 4. Terdapat kenderaan sendiri 5. Berdisplin dan bercita-cita tinggi 6. Ingin keluar dari Zon Selesa 7. Ingin mendapat pendapatan bulanan tanpa had KELEBIHAN MENYERTAI KAMI * tiada yuran pendaftaran * "1 to 1 coaching & training" * Sokongan dari Team Leaders JANGAN LEPASKAN PELUANG INI!! sila hubungi/ whatapps
    Today 18:45
    RUMA Realty  
    Petaling Jaya


    RM 2 000 - 2 400 per month  
    Alamat bekerja: Lot 99, Rawang Integrated Industrial Park, Jalan
    atu Arang, 48000 Rawang, Selangor. ...
    Untuk sesiapa yang berminat, anda dijemput hantar WhataApps kepad
    En. Hakim ditalian 012-7726031. Kita akan menetapkan temujanji u ...
    Sila gunakan mesej format yang ditetapkan seperti di bawa semasa
    nda menghantar mesej:- ...
    Adakah anda masih berkerja: Ya / Tidak (Jikalau Ya, berapa minggu
    notis pemberhentian kerja diperlukan: ? ) ...
    Lokasi : Rawang Integrated Industrial Park, Rawang Gaji Kasar : RM2,000 ke atas Bonus Tahunan (guarantee) 1 bulan dan Bonus Prestasi Perubatan dan Insurance Percuma Elaun Syif dan latihan kerja akan diperuntukan Kriteria yang diperlukan : - Terbuka untuk lelaki sahaja - Min Diploma - Mahir komputer (Ms Excel, Emails) - Mempunyai Lesen memandu forklift - Boleh bekerja lebih masa (jika diperlukan) - Mempunyai kenderaan sendiri (tiada masalah ke tempat kerja) Lokasi Kilang: Rawang Jawatan: Storekeeper Nama Penuh: Telefon Number: Umur: Tahun pengalaman sebagai Storekeeper: Adakah anda mempunyai sijil memandu forklift : Ya / Tidak
    Today 18:10
    Sonoco Products  

    Senior / Chief Mechanic

    RM 3 200 - 4 500 per month  
    Want to explore a great opportunity in automotive service, repair
    and performance workshop? ...
    =Knowledge on continental cars is a must (Porsche/Volkswagen/Merc
    des/BMW) ...
    A self-motivated and dedicated team leader with experience in suc
    essful work in a team environment ...
    Possess at least 3 - 4 working years experience as a senior team
    echanic. ...
    Strong organizational skills and possess a high degree of integri
    y and professionalism ...
    Additional skills such as track or race experience, alignment & s
    spension work, welding & fabrication, diagnostic tools knowledge, ...
    We have been operating for the past 5 years in Sunway Damansara.
    e have been providing automotive service, repair and performance ...
    Interested do call 0196978441 or email us your resume at: sultan. ...
    We are hiring! What we are looking for? SENIOR / CHIEF MECHANIC Responsibilities : =Allocate/assign jobs on a daily basis. =Proper maintenance of all equipment and special tools. =To test drive and also safety checks on vehicles =Assist in ensuring a safe working environment =Quality Controller and Service improvement =Lead team of mechanics (3 - 4 members) =Responsible for the workshop floor & space Requirements SPM and above Excellent interpersonal and good communication skills Ability to interact with peers, superiors and customers Work in an organized automotive industry. Able to work at Sunway Damansara area Who we are? Salary Range : Starting from RM3,200 - RM4,500 Thank You.
    Today 18:03
    Kota Damansara

    Technician Aircond & Elektrik

    RM 1 300 - 1 800 per month  
    ☑️ Pengalaman sekurang-kurangnya 1tahun dalam bidang aircond
    elektrikal ...
    JAWATAN KOSONG AIRCOND TECHNICIAN & ELEKTRIKAL diperlukan dalam syarikat kami. Lepasan IKM,IKBN,ILP digalakkan. Syarat Kelayakkan :- ✔ Jujur & Amanah ✔ Boleh Berkerja Tanpa Pengawasan ✔ Boleh Bekerja Sebagai 1 Pasukan ✔ Rajin ☑️ 3 kekosongan ☑️ Lelaki / wanita berumur 21-35 tahun ☑️ Lesen memandu B2-D ( jika tiada pun tdk apa) Anda Bakal Menikmati :- ✔ Gaji Basic + Elaun ✔ Cuti Tahunan ✔ EPF & Socso ✔TEMPAT TINGGAL DI SEDIAKAN (LELAKI SHJ) Lokasi📍 Zalfa Electrical & Aircond Specialist Bdr Tun Hussien Onn, cheras selangor Office hour 8.30AM - 6.30PM 6hari seminggu (Isnin - Sabtu) Gaji : Mengikut pengalaman (minimum rm1300) Email resume ke : FB: Zalfa Elektrik Aircond - Zeas Youtube: zalfa tvlog Sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi@wasap: ☎️ 0126289502 (zatil) ☎️ 0195370782 (wan ) #PakarKarenSejuk
    Today 17:57
    Zalfa Electrical & Aircond  

    Kerani Admin / Kerani Am - Kemasukkan segera

    RM 1 500 per month  
    - Jawatan terbuka kepada warga perempuan pemegang diploma berumur
    antara 18 - 30 tahun ...
    - Mempunyai pengalaman dalam bidang Kerani Admin / Kerani Am seku
    ang-kurangnya satu (1) tahun ...
    - Mahir berbicara dan menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris & Bahasa Mala
    sia ...
    - Memahami arahan dengan baik, teliti dalam menjalankan tugasan,
    erdisiplin dan menepati masa ...
    Jika Berminat, sila e-mail CV kepada Cik Christina di lc_low@ckin ...
    Kelayakan : PENGAMBILAN SEGERA untuk Kerani Admin / Kerani Am - Berpengalaman dalam menyediakan & mengeluarkan DO dan invois - Mahir dan cekap menggunakan komputer - Memberi komitmen pada tugasan
    Today 17:46
    Ck Ingredient Sdn Bhd  

    Featured ad Optometrist/Optician/Sales Assistant Vacancy

    RM 1 500 - 3 500 per month  
    You will be working in a retail environment and will be expected
    o help customers with all their shopping requirements ...
    - Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent s
    les service ...
    - Maintain outstanding store condition and visual merchandising s
    andards ...
    - Must be attentive to customers needs and determined to provide
    ustomer satisfaction ...
    - Ability to organize, prioritize, multitask, be flexible and mee
    deadlines ...
    - Must have proficient math skills to handle cash and credit card
    payments ...
    - Basic computer skills including spreadsheets, data programs and
    PowerPoint ...
    We offer competitive wages based on experience. If this opportun
    ty appeals to you, please submit your cover letter and resume to ...
    Job Summary - Maintain a fully stocked store - Ascertain customers’ needs and wants - Recommend and display items that match customer needs - Welcome and greet customers - Manage point-of-sale processes - Actively involve in the receiving of new shipments - Keep up to date with product information - Accurately describe product features and benefits - Follow all companies policies and procedures Job Description - Experience in sales is preferred - Great communication and interpersonal skills - Knowledge of sales standards and customer service routines - Work well with others and be a team player - Ability to manage schedules and inventory
    Today 17:40
    La Calisto Sdn Bhd  
    Subang Jaya

    Featured ad Store Assistant

    RM 1 800 - 2 200 per month  
    - Manage workflow by assigning tasks to other administrative empl
    yees daily, ensuring that deadlines are met and work is completed ...
    - Maintain office and retail supplies by checking inventory and o
    der items ...
    - Coordinating and supporting related matter with vendors and/or
    epartments ...
    We offer competitive wages based on experience. If this opportun
    ty appeals to you, please submit your cover letter and resume to ...
    Job Summary - Respond to questions and requests for information - 5.5 days work week (Alternate) Job Description - Timely and effective allocation of stock replenishment - Data entry and filling of documents - Processing indent purchase summary and indent advance order - Liaising with retail store personnel on merchandising matters - Providing administrative and other supports
    Today 17:20
    La Calisto Sdn Bhd  
    Damansara Intan

    Featured ad Kereta sewa, tiada kontrak, E-hailing

    RM 400 - 500 per day  
    AT. ...
    Kami adalah sebuah syarikat kereta sewa dengan kepakaran dalam me
    yewa kenderaan untuk perkongsian perjalanan aplikasi seperti E-HA ...
    - Lebih banyak anda memandu lebih banyak wang yang anda boleh dap
    t ...
    1. TAKDE KENDERAAN? TIADA DEPOSIT? 2. Servis kereta/Tayar free untuk driver 3. Coaching & Training Step By Step akan diberikan sebelum drive 4. Tiada kontrak 5. Part Time / Full Time boleh 6. Driver Referral yang tinggi bila successful 7. 24 Jam Group Support 8. FREE 1x Car Wash 9.Pendaftan grab Percuma MARI MENDAFTAR DENGAN KAMI !!! *HANYA PENDAHULUAN SEWA + INSURANS(RM300) *TIADA DEPOSIT DIPERLUKAN *TIDAK TERIKAT KONTRAK *KERETA-KERETA BARU *KENDERAAN DIMILIKI PADA HARI PENDAFTARAN *PENDAFTARAN DIBERI SECARA PERCUMA *LATIHAN DIBERI SECARA PERCUMA -Berminat nak jana pendapatan d?? -Mempunyai kereta, tetapi syarat kelayakan tidak cukup?? -Ada kereta, tapi tidak tahu cara mendaftar?? Latihan dan support akan diberi oleh pemandu berpengalaman Gaji - Kutipan tunai setiap hari daripada penumpang - RM1500 mingguan dan ke atas Jika anda berminat, sila hubungi kami. Dokumeen yang diperlukan 1. IC 2. Lesen Memandu 3.PSV 3. Jumlah Deposit(RM O) #PERCUMA TRAINING ✔✔✔ #PERCUMA REGISTRATION #PERCUMA SERVICE KERETA SEWA Jika berminat boleh menghubungi saya di nombor whatsApp 0196165809 (AHAMD) 0196165809 (AHMAD) 0196165809 (AHMAD)
    Today 17:05
    din car rental  
    Petaling Jaya

    Software Engineer for CRM

    RM 1 800 - 4 000 per month  
    - Design, code, test, debug and document software in a variety of
    programming languages ...
    - Evaluating alternative approaches and selecting optimal approac
    es ...
    - Customize and optimize CRM SQL Server database applications in
    upport of business functions ...
    - Unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing
    rior to production deployment ...
    - Troubleshoot complex production issues leveraging partner teams
    and Subject Matter Experts ...
    - Deliver day-to-day application production support services for
    pplication Integrations ...
    - Perform root cause analysis as part of problem management and f
    llow-up on action items through closure ...
    - Drive triage activities for medium to high severity incidents w
    rking across partner and vendor teams ...
    - Keep update with programming languages and techniques, and exte
    sive experience in creating strategies for developing IT systems ...
    - Degree/diploma or equivalent preferably in IT/telecommunication
    science computer/network or equivalent ...
    - Proven track record of installing, configuring, and troubleshoo
    ing CRM application if any ...
    - Self-motivated achievers with initiative, an enthusiasm to lear
    - Fresh graduates are welcomed to apply - fresh graduate or exper
    ence in CRM software based ...
    Interested applicant please send your latest resume with recent p
    oto to ...
    - Develop CRM workflows and monitor/troubleshoot related issues - Understanding of core concepts surrounding CRM - Demonstrated experience in C# .NET Framework - Maintain, manage and design CRM applications Requirement: - Experience creating scripts - Can work independently and in a team - Good interpersonal and communication skill - Good communication skills (written, verbal, and face-to-face) - Willing to hour overtime
    Today 16:50
    Mandiri Solution Sdn Bhd  
    Kelana Jaya

    IT Support Executive

    RM 1 500 - 2 500 per month  
    -Troubleshoot customer copier/scanner problem via telephone/Whats
    pp/Email/Ultraviewer ...
    -Ability to work independently and under pressure with minimal su
    ervision and self-starter. ...
    -Flexible and adaptable personality with ability to deliver quali
    y results with tight deadline. ...
    -Experience in digital marketing and knows basics of SEO is and a
    ded advantage. ...
    -Develop/maintain company website -Troubleshoot internal networking problem/IT related matters. -Strong skill in problem analysis and solving. -Other Adhoc duties
    Today 16:45

    Featured ad KEDAI ONLINE - Pembantu Stor / Warehouse / Packer

    RM 1 400 - 1 600 per month  
    Kami menjalankan perniagaan online melalui website. Kami mencari
    ndividu yang bersemangat dan bersikap positif untuk menyertai kam ...
    + Membuat sorting, racking, packing, atau picking barang-barang d
    gudang. ...
    + Pengawalan, pengendalian dan penyimpanan stok termasuk kerja-ke
    ja loading and unloading. ...
    + Mengira dan memastikan kuantiti yang tepat untuk stock keluar d
    n masuk. ...
    + Confirm selepas 3 -6 bulan percubaan bergantung kepada hasil ke
    ja yang memuaskan. ...
    Yang minat sila isi job application form berikut : atau Whatsapp 6016 614 6456 (Reen) / 60169779728 (Veryn) Nama: Usia: Gender: Jawatan: Nombor IC: Tempat Tinggal: Pembantu Stor (10 Orang) + Membantu dalam mengurus kebersihan warehouse/store. + Pengurusan, Mengira dan Menyusun Stock + Pengalaman tidak diperlukan Skop Pembantu Am (10 Orang) + Boleh membaca dalam Bahasa Melayu + Menyemak dan Membungkus barang sebelum diposkan + Rajin dan boleh kerja dalam teamwork +Pengalaman tidak diperlukan MASA BEKERJA + Isnin - Jumaat 9:00am - 6:00pm + Sabtu (9:00am - 4:00pm) + Ahad cuti TEMPAT KERJA + Puchong Jaya Selangor (Dekat Sekolah Menengah Batu 8)
    Today 16:45
    G Vision  

    Agent Insuran / Takaful Full Time atau Part Time

    RM 3 000 - 10 000 per month  
    Muqmeen Group (MG) adalah salah sebuah agensi terbesar insuran/Ta
    aful yang bernaung di bawah Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd dan ...
    3. Mempunyai keazaman untuk mengubah hidup kepada yang lebih baik
    5. Elaun akan diberikan kepada yang layak dari RM1,000 hinggalah
    M10,000 sebulan. ...
    4. Melancong ke luar negara (percuma setiap tahun) atau pun digan
    ikan dengan wang tunai. ...
    10. Pendapatan tanpa had. Mudah untuk memperolehi pendapatan tamb
    han RM3,000 -RM4,000 sebulan sebagai sambilan. ...
    Kelayakan: 1. Minima Diploma 2. Mempunyai kenderaan sendiri (kereta atau motosikal) 4. Tidak perlu pengalaman (latihan akan diberikan) Faedah: 1. Pendapatan berterusan (komisen setiap 2 minggu) 2. Bonus setiap 6 bulan selama 3 tahun dari hasil kerja setahun. 3. Bonus persaraaan (Retirement Gratuiti Benefit) 5. Pelbagai HADIAH DAN GAJET. 6. Peluang membina PENDAPATAN PASIF sepanjang hayat. 7. Perniagaan boleh diwarisi 8. Kerjaya terjamin dengan potensi untuk membina agensi sendiri 9. Masa Fleksibel.
    Today 16:44
    Muqmeen Group Prudential Klang  
    Shah Alam

    Account Admin Executive

    Help our sales and marketing team to coordinate and provide admin
    strative support. Aggressive and diligent in following up as well ...
    1. Monitor Account Payable, Account Receivable, General Ledger, S
    aff claim and Payroll ...
    2. Monitor deadlines and prioritize jobs according to importance.
    Able to work Independently and Efficiently. ...
    3. Aggressive and quick to adapt or learn. Willing to solve probl
    ms to facilitate an efficient working environment. ...
    4. Team player with good communication skills when communicating
    ith clients. ...
    5. Data entry for incoming products, orders, accounting entries,
    tc... in AutoCount and online ecommerce ...
    6. Liaise with bankers, auditors, secretaries, tax agents and gov
    rnment authorities ( i.e. KWSP, PERKESO, LHDN ) ...
    We are looking for candidates who are highly motivated with good
    eople skills. ...
    Please send your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Messages without CV will
    ot be entertained. ...
    Recruiting Account Admin Executive *Able to start work immediately ** Work experience with AutoCount will be a plus Job description and preference: 7. Accounting experience Qualifications: 1. Diploma holder 2. Proficient in speaking and writing English or Malay. 3. Good with Microsoft Excel / Word. Email: ________________________________________________________________ Vertical Adventure & Equipments Sdn. Bhd. Taman Sri Gombak Batu Caves, Selangor
    Today 16:35
    Batu Caves

    Penyelia store gas memasak diperlukan

    RM 1 500 - 2 000 per month  
    - Mematuhi peraturan / polisi syarikat dalam setiap tugasan yang
    ilakukan ...
    SYARAT KELAYAKAN - Lelaki yang berumur 18 hingga 40 tahun - Warganegara Malaysia - Sihat tubuh badan - Tidak memiliki sebarang rekod jenayah - Rajin, amanah dan jujur - Boleh bekerja dengan baik dan tidak mengira kerja - Bertanggungjawab dan menepati masa - Boleh bekerjasama dengan pihak pengurusan, pelanggan dan rakan sekerja dengan baik. - Boleh berkomunikasi dan melayan customer dengan baik - Boleh mengendali Forklift merupakan satu kelebihan Jika Berminat Sila hadir untuk sesi interview (hari isnin-jumaat jam 10 pagi - 5 petang) ALAMAT Lot 135, Jalan 1A Kampung Baru Subang, Sek U6 40150 Shah Alam Selangor atau hubungi 016-2617559
    Today 16:30
    Subang Perdana

    Used car SALESMAN / sales advisor needed

    RM 4 000 - 8 000 per month  
    * Basic Salary * Commission * Incentive Min RM4K TO RM8K ++ --> Salesman Needed --> Sales Advisor Needed --> Training will be provided --> Willing to work on weekend for sales advisor --> High & Attractive Commission and Incentive --> Positive working attitude --> Good communication and skills --> Have Own Transport --> Good working attitude and outspoken PLEASE EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO ( PLEASE CONTACT TO SCHEDULE FOR INTERVIEW @ MR.JASON (016-255 8822) @ MR.DENNY (012-289 9166) WAZE LOCATION :_ @ MRT TAMAN SUNTEX @ RHB BANK TAMAN SUNTEX @ BATU 9 AUTOS WORLD SHOWROOM LOCATION : OPTION AUTOMOBILE LOT 36 ( BATU 9 AUTOS WORLD ) 371,JALAN KINABALU BATU 9 CHERAS SELANGOR
    Today 16:29
    Option Automobile 0162558822  


    RM 200 - 1 000 per day  
    Nak tak duit RM200/400/600 masuk acc bank anda setiap hari Selasa
    & Jumaat tiap2 minggu. ...
    #URGENT!!! 🔉🔉🔉🔉 BATCH KEDUA DIBUKA 🔛✅ 35 org shj terawal shj! 📌 Berminat ??? RESPON SAYA NAK 📌 Wasap 0133408083
    Today 16:25
    Izma Ilya Property  

    Kerja Kosong Gudang - Subang - Pengambilan segera

    RM 1 800 - 2 000 per month  
    Sempena musim MCO ini perusahaan industry e-commerce memang berja
    an dengan baik, dan kami dari Quess Global menawarkan kerja sepen ...
    Gaji sehari : RM 78 ( anggaran gaji sebulan RM 1,800 to RM 2,000
    ermasuk OT ) ...
    Latihan diberikan untuk semua pekerja dan turut ditawarkan vouche
    dan makanan percuma disediakan sempena kempen kempen yang terten ...
    Skop kerja: Menyusun atau sort barangan dan parcel di dalam Gudan
    . ...
    Jika berminat sila hubungi consultant kami bernama Intan pada nom
    or telefon 016-8979235. ...
    Salam sejahtera!! Kelebihan : EPF, SOCSO, EIS diberikan Lokasi kerja: LEL Express USJ Sortation Center 11742, Persiaran Subang Indah, Taman Indah Subang UEP, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
    Today 16:23
    Quessglobal Malaysia Sdn Bhd  
    Subang Jaya

    Sales Executive

    RM 800 - 1 000 per month  
    - Membantu menjana pendapatan penjualan syarikat dengan mewujudka
    pasaran baru. ...
    - Mencipta penjualan baru melalui pemasaran telemarketing, rangka
    an, media sosial dan pemasaran luar. ...
    - Menyediakan dan menyampaikan maklumat yang sesuai dan terkini m
    ngenai produk dan perkhidmatan. (Dilatih sepenuhnya) ...
    - Kemahiran berinteraksi sosial yang baik. (Bahasa Melayu & Ingge
    is) ...
    "Kerja kosong yang mampu merubah peluang pendapatan dan musim pan
    emik Covid-19 ini. Jangan sia-siakan peluang merebut tempat untuk ...
    Eksekutif jualan Julat Gaji: RM800 - RM1000 gaji asas dengan syarat. Pendapatan Jualan Tidak Terbatas, Dijangka Permulaan Berpendapatan RM2k ke atas Lokasi: Prima Gombak Bandar: Batu Caves DESKRIPSI KERJA : KEPERLUAN PEKERJAAN : - Minimum pendidikan : Tahap SPM . - Mengetahui media sosial dengan baik. - Bermotivasi sendiri dengan usaha menunjukkan hasil. - Boleh belajar dengan cepat dan minat untuk menjual. * Gaji pokok dengan syarat. * Latihan penuh disediakan. Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi (Whatsapp): Hantarkan resume anda SEGERA ke: MOHON SEKARANG!
    Today 16:23
    Batu Caves

    Lorry driver - 10 ton

    RM 2 100 - 2 800 per month  
    - Boleh kerja lebih masa dan kerja berat (Waktu kerja 8.30 pagi t
    5.30 petang - Isnin hingga Sabtu) ...
    - Hantar barang besi dari kilang ke hardware shop dan tapak pembi
    aan (Local sahaja) ...
    - Alamat kerja - Lot 7988, Bukit Ceraka, Kampung Baru Subang, 401
    0 Shah Alam, Selangor. ...
    Ada minat WhatsApp resume, photo, IC, Lesen memandu dan GDL to Ms
    Kelly 016-2281128 ...
    - Mesti mempunyai Lesen E or E Full - Ada pengalaman mengendalikan lori
    Today 16:22
    Taki Metal Enterprise Sdn Bhd  
    Shah Alam

    Lorry Driver cum Site Helper

    RM 1 800 - 2 200 per month  
    - Adakah anda seorang yang suka memandu lorry pergi tempat yang b
    rlainan? ...
    - Adakah anda letih dengan kerja sekarang, semakin jimat wang tap
    masih tak cukup wang? ...
    Kami adalah syarikat yang membuat batu mamar untuk dapur cabinet.
    kami serdang mengembangkan perniagaan and memerlukan orang bersem ...
    - Adakah anda rajin bekerja tapi company tak menghargai?
    Today 16:15
    quartz granite marble solid surface cabi
    Sungai Buloh

    Tukang Masak

    RM 80 - 100 per day  
    Kepada yang berminat, boleh walk-in untuk interview atau Call Sa
    aja nombor di bawah: ...
    Tukang Masak diperlukan dengan kadar segera! 1. Tukang Masak Lauk Campur (Gaji : Min RM100 sehari) 2. Tukang Masak Chinese Food Halal (Gaji : Min RM100 sehari) 3. Tukang Masak Indian Food Halal (Gaji : Min RM100 sehari) 4. Tukang Masak Ala Carte (Bayaran : RM100 sehari) 5. Pembuat Roti Canai (Gaji : Min RM80 sehari) 6. Pembantu Tukang Masak (Gaji : RM70 sehari) *Preferable non smoker Waktu Bekerja : 1. Ada 2 shift 2. Shift pertama - 6am to 6pm 3. Shift kedua - 6pm to 6am 4. Hostel disediakan 5. Lain-lain manfaat, boleh dibincangkan EN. KHAIRUL (+60 19-699 1069) PUAN NURUL (+60 12-257 5366) Lokasi: KANTIN KILANG Hanhwa Q CELLS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Lot 1, Jalan CV 2, Selangor Cyber Valley, 63300 Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA.
    Today 15:46
    KD Enterprise  

    Pemandu van/storekeeper bandar sunway

    RM 1 200 - 1 200 per month  
    1) Membawa barang2 kain dan pakaian setiap hari di sekitar Kuala
    Lumpur dan selangor ...
    2) Membantu pengurus stor mengendalikan stor dan stok check 3) Keutamaan pada yang mempunyai lesen GDL 4) Solat 5 waktu 5) Rajin, amanah, jujur 6) Bertanggung jawab dan menepati masa(disiplin) Waktu Kerja : 1) 8 Pagi hingga 5 petang 2) Overtime mengikut jam 3) Cuti seminggu dua kali Direct Wasap : 013 646 1915 (Hidayah)
    Today 15:40
    Ruelbiz Sdn Bhd  
    Bandar Sunway

    Kelindan lori gas memasak diperlukan

    RM 1 200 - 1 500 per month  
    - Mematuhi peraturan / polisi syarikat dalam setiap tugasan yang
    ilakukan ...
    SYARAT KELAYAKAN - Lelaki yang berumur 18 hingga 40 tahun - Warganegara Malaysia - Sihat tubuh badan - Tidak memiliki sebarang rekod jenayah - Rajin, amanah dan jujur - Boleh bekerja dengan baik dan tidak mengira kerja - Bertanggungjawab dan menepati masa - Boleh bekerjasama dengan pihak pengurusan, pelanggan dan rakan sekerja dengan baik. - Boleh berkomunikasi dan melayan customer dengan baik Jika Berminat Sila hadir untuk sesi interview (hari isnin-jumaat jam 10 pagi - 5 petang) ALAMAT Lot 135, Jalan 1A Kampung Baru Subang, Sek U6 40150 Shah Alam Selangor atau hubungi 016-2617559
    Today 15:30
    Subang Perdana

    Jawatan Segera, Operator/Perkerja Kilang

    RM 1 500 - 1 800 per month  
    Tempat Kerja: Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Penaga, Subang Gaji RM 1,500~1,800 sebulan untuk yang berpengalaman Faedah lain = Elaun, OT, dll Bagi your berminat, sila hubungi kami untuk bertemuduga Nombor Telepon 014 9444 4588 [Production]
    Today 15:20
    Cogebi Asia  
    Subang Jaya


    RM 1 200 - 2 000 per month  
    * Prepare and process travel vouchers, billing, or other office d
    cuments ...
    * Attend to all incoming/outgoing calls in an appropriate and pro
    essional manner ...
    * Menyediakan dan memproses baucar perjalanan, bil, atau dokumen
    ejabat ...
    * Memastikan sistem file dan sistem kemasukan data berada dalam k
    adaan baik ...
    Interested candidate may WhatsApp resume with photo and send to V
    ncent 0162255278 ...
    Calon yang berminat sila WhatsApp resume dgn gambar dan hantar ke
    ada Vincent 0162255278 ...
    * Proficient in microsoft office (excel and word) * Maintain proper filing system and data entry * Perform office general administration duties effectively * Boleh menggunakan microsoft office (excel dan word) * Membuat atau menerima panggilan mengenai syarikat * Melaksanakan tugas-tugas am di dalam pejabat Subang Jaya USJ 9
    Today 15:10
    Vinco Sales & Services Sdn Bhd  
    Subang Jaya

    Pemandu lori gas memasak diperlukan

    RM 1 200 - 2 000 per month  
    - Mematuhi peraturan / polisi syarikat dalam setiap tugasan yang
    ilakukan ...
    SYARAT KELAYAKAN - Lelaki yang berumur 18 hingga 40 tahun - Warganegara Malaysia - Sihat tubuh badan - Memiliki lesen GDL yang sah - Tidak memiliki sebarang rekod jenayah - Rajin, amanah dan jujur - Boleh bekerja dengan baik dan tidak mengira kerja - Bertanggungjawab dan menepati masa - Boleh bekerjasama dengan pihak pengurusan, pelanggan dan rakan sekerja dengan baik. - Boleh berkomunikasi dan melayan customer dengan baik Jika Berminat Sila hadir untuk sesi interview (hari isnin-jumaat jam 10 pagi - 5 petang) ALAMAT Lot 135, Jalan 1A Kampung Baru Subang, Sek U6 40150 Shah Alam Selangor atau hubungi 016-2617559
    Today 15:08
    Subang Perdana

    Klinik / Clinic Staff (Urgently)

    RM 1 200 - 2 000 per month  
    b.Dispensing of pre-approved medicine by the Doctor to the patien
    s. ...
    c.Handle documentation and administrative duties relating to the
    linic’s business under your cares, update patient records and h ...
    d.Update medicine stock record monthly medical stock position rec
    rd for approval to the Director. ...
    e.Other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned to you
    rom time to time by the Director. ...
    No experience are need and attractive benefits are provided. interest Please Call and whatapps Vicky: 012-687 7401
    Today 15:08
    Klinik Mediviron Subang Perdana  
    Subang Perdana

    Account executive

    RM 1 800 - 2 000 per month  
    Today 14:58
    Batu Caves

    Window Tint Installer

    RM 2 000 - 2 800 per month  
    Car Window Film (Full Time) PROTECTIVE WINDSHIELD INSTALLER/WINDSHIELD TINT (Senior/Junior) Basic Salary + EPF + SOCSO + EIS Preferable to start work immediately  Experience installing automotive window tint required.  Strong communication and interaction skills required.  Excellent skills required.  High ethics and integrity. Training will be provided.
    Today 14:57