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    Memerlukan pekerjaan driver

    RM 1 700 per month  
    salam sejahtera saya memerlukan pekerjaan dalam bulan 11.sekarang
    tidak bekerja...pengelaman dispatch/admin/operator dan pemandu va ...
    lesen b2/d/gdl..saya lebih berminat pekerjaan memandu jika ada ke
    osongan no tel:01116080068 Alkafi ...
    transport sendiri motor dan kereta ada.
    Today 01:03
    Vasto Lorde  
    Bandar Bukit Tinggi

    Mencari part time catering

    RM 70 per day  
    Assalamualaikum .. saya ingin mencari kerja part time catering un
    uk hujung minggu ( sehingga november ) . bulan disember saya free ...
    Yesterday 22:55

    Looking for a job

    RM 1 500 per month  
    I worked as a teacher before at kindergarten ,nursery and tuition
    centre.. I have 2 years experience in kindergarten, 3 years at tu ...
    Yesterday 22:54

    Urgent - Part time

    RM 1 500 per month  
    I'm bsmm hulu langat officer part time tuition teacher..
    Yesterday 18:51


    RM 90 per day  
    siapa² yang perlukan risume saya boleh tolong buatkn.. whatsapp
    177797341 ...
    Yesterday 10:27
    Shah Alam

    Mencari kerja kosong shah alam

    Saya Azhar dari shah alam mencari kerja kosong sebagai salesman a
    au sales advisor di syarikat jualan kereta baru atau terpakai are ...
    Azhar 018 207 9297
    Yesterday 10:08
    Shah Alam

    Freelance designer

    RM 40 per day  
    skills : 3D rhaino Adobe illustrator Photoshop in Design doing furniture skecth up
    Yesterday 09:46
    Farahin Johar  
    Sabak Bernam

    Freelance designer

    RM 40 per day  
    -busines Card,flyer,banner,resume,brochure,rendering,logo,technic
    l drawing anythigg else. ...
    Diploma in Product Design skills : -3D rendering/rhainocerous 3D in product/furniture -skecth up technical drawing -adobe illustrator -photoshop -In Design bole membuat:
    Yesterday 09:21
    Farahin Johar  
    Sabak Bernam

    Mencari kerja dari rumah/pejabat mesra kanak kanak

    RM 2 500 per month  
    I have basic knowlodge on autodesk maya (modeling) and adobe phot
    shop, and very good with microsoft words. ...
    i want to improve myself so I am ready to receive comments and cr
    tics.. ...
    able to use social media. keen to learn new things.
    Yesterday 09:10
    amirah azmi  
    Shah Alam

    IT Executive/administrator

    RM 4 500 per month  
    3. Experience in install, configure and administer PC/Server/Fire
    all/Antivirus/Email and etc. ...
    My previous job description :- 1. I have more than 10 years experience. 2. I had worked at public listed company for more than 10 years. 4. Assisted in IT budget preparation. 5. IT Assets record keeping 6. Prepare SOP 7. Introduce new equipment/technology that will benefit company. 8. others Please contact/SMS/Whatsapp me on 012-338 6701
    Yesterday 09:04
    Lee Lian Fui  

    Pemandu van sekolah dan lain2 kerja pemandu

    RM 1 500 per month  
    Saya mempunyai lesen B2 D PSV dan GDL. Berpengalama menjadi peman
    u peribadi dan pemandu van sekolah antarabangsa. Saya pesara tent ...
    22 Oct 19:44
    shamsul kamal  
    Batu Caves

    General worker

    RM 70 per day  
    * any (my based experienced in construction works but now seeking
    for part time/freelance works) ...
    kindly please contact me at 012-549 1112 for any questions or to
    ave a deal. ...
    hi iam looking for any works. here is it my detail for your info : - age : 26 - nationality : malaysian - race : malay - gender : male - current job : not working/self working - availability : anytime - preferred job : related to id works/ any works required - payment method : daily - payment perday : > rm60/day (negotiable) - skill -: * computer literate * able to do any works Thank you, "serve for you"
    22 Oct 12:24
    job seeker  
    Shah Alam

    General workers

    RM 60 per day  
    Any job that you required. I will be ready to serve for you even
    t as a general workers. ...
    Hi Iam looking for a part time job. here I provide current status: working status : not working/ self working age : 26 martial status : single location : shah alam preferred job : interior design,renovation/ any kind of works. availability : anytime kindly please contact me at 012- 549 1112 to deal/ asking me. Thank you.
    22 Oct 12:23
    job seeker  
    Shah Alam

    Mencari kerja "PART TIME"

    RM 1 000 per month  
    Hello ! saya berumur 20 tahun dan sedang mencari pekerjaan "part
    ime" ...
    sekitar kawasan Klang dan Shah Alam . Sila hubungi saya 0182401393
    21 Oct 16:02

    Mencari Pekerjaan

    RM 1 500 per month  
    Dear, Sir/Madam. With all my respect, I wish to apply for the below position: QA/QC: Technician, Inspector, Lab Technician, Etc. Production: Supervisor, Line Leader. I am available to attend interview. My contacted at +6016-4254664 and the following email address: izamiezam@gmail.com Best Regards & Thank You, Muhammad Haizam.
    20 Oct 14:18
    Muhammad Haizam  
    Kuala Selangor

    Mencari Kerja Part Time

    RM 1 500 per day  
    Saya mempunyai pengalaman dalam bidang F&B..; Saya mencari kerja part time untuk malam... Lesen moto dan kereta saya ada... Boleh hubungi saya 0176142403
    20 Oct 12:36
    Batu Caves

    Pharmacy assistant

    RM 1 500 per month  
    19 Oct 18:58
    muhammad addin b mohd sukri  

    Partime Seekers

    RM 60 per day  
    Experience dalam F&B; Admin HR Retailer Booth and Event Gadjet Sales & Marketing Data Analyst
    19 Oct 15:43
    Mr Mikhail Eshan  

    Graphic design and Album Design

    RM 1 500 per month  
    I prefer minimalist approach with creative touch in my design but
    I am flexible to do whatever style that suit you ...
    19 Oct 15:37
    Mohd Fadhli Bin Ilias  

    General accountant

    RM 6 000 per month  
    Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compili
    g and analyzing account information, by using Auto count programs ...
    Summarizes current financial status by collecting information; pr
    paring balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other report ...
    Maintains accounting controls by preparing and recommending polic
    es and procedures. ...
    Guides accounting clerical staff by coordinating activities and a
    swering questions. ...
    Reconciles financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing ac
    ount information. ...
    calculating, preparing and submitting G.S.T accounts and tax retu
    ns ...
    undertaking accounts administration, including auditing financial
    information ...
    Assist Store Managers and District Managers in the resolution of
    nventory/daily report issues. ...
    Interface directly with Station store personnel on variance revie
    , exception item research and account classification. ...
    Review daily store reports for assigned stores to detect exceptio
    s. ...
    Process store paperwork as needed and ensure accurate financial r
    ports: ...
    Provide error notification to stores and District Managers (Accou
    ts Payable, Station store daily report entry, etc.). ...
    Recommends financial actions by analyzing accounting options. Substantiates financial transactions by auditing documents. Secures financial information by completing data base backups. calculating and legally minimizing tax liabilities. OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: ( By using Smart program ) Preparing sales order for customers. Inventory adjustments and transfers
    19 Oct 14:41
    Tareq Aldirini  
    Bandar Sunway

    Operator dan warehouse

    RM 1 200 per month  
    Salam dan selamat sejahtera .. Saya mencari pekerjaan tetap di ka
    asan shah alam .. saya berumur 25tahun , berkahwin , ada anak 2 o ...
    Call - 0189678401 Whatsap - 01133981369
    19 Oct 11:36
    Shah Alam

    Assistant chef at cafe

    RM 1 200 per month  
    - Experienced working in F&B industry (fresh graduates are encou
    agely to apply) ...
    Requirements: - Self starter and willing to work under pressure - Can work independently with minimum supervision - Can work on shift - Male or Femal -Live near Serdang Job Descriptions: - Preparation serving of dishes - Monitor day to day operation - Check quality from raw materials to finished products - Involve in workers arrangement - Adhoc action upon task given by superiors - Etc..
    19 Oct 01:54
    maliana musa  

    Operetor pengeluaran gudang shah alam

    RM 2 500 per month  
    8pagi 8malam Kerja shif Kerja lebih masa (ot) Rm7.25 sejam Hostel di sediakan Tidak tolak gaji, Berminat hubungi kami Whatsapp puan nana (0105098994)
    19 Oct 01:49
    Muzhffar shahz  
    Shah Alam

    Perlukan on-call runner?

    RM 15 per day  
    Saya menjalankan perkhidmatan runner sekitar Shah Alam, Subang, P
    dan kawasan sekitar yg berhampiran. ...
    Harga serendah RM15 hingga RM50(max) bergantung pada tempat dan q
    antity barang. ...
    Barang dihantar melalui motosikal atau kereta bergantung pada ite
    . ...
    Whatsapp : 0173260513(wan)
    18 Oct 21:39
    Syazwan Fitri  
    Shah Alam

    Account or admin Part time/Freelance

    RM 3 000 per month  
    *my working time is 9.00 - 6.00 so im available after this time.
    at-sun im not working ...
    *suitable for starting company since i have exp in handling new c
    mpany ...
    *my name is nur aina *have own transport :car, motorbike *working as full time account at sri hartamas *have my own pc and own internet acess *im available everyday *any ques pls whatsapp me : 011-16289467 (whatsapp only not chat in Mudah) (prefer work from home only. will consider if nearby my office) -payment can be discuss
    17 Oct 12:32
    Nur Aina Syazanie binti Mohamad Shukor  

    FACEBOOK Marketer (Freelancer)

    1. Mencari dan mengumpul email (gmail / yahoo / lain2) pengguna F
    yg targeted untuk setiap jenis produk. ...
    Cth: Produk kurus. Sy akan mencari group2 FB yg ramai ahli utk sy
    sedut email mereka dan upload ke 'Custom Audience' di Facebook Ad ...
    Kelebihan: Iklan akan jadi lebih targeted dan kena pada sasaran.
    klan FB Ads akan ditujukan pada ahli group tersebut atau yg sama ...
    2. Setiap user Facebook yg komen di post atau mesej di inbox, sy
    oleh simpan mereke menjadi 'DATA' yg berharga. ...
    Cth: Apabila kita buat 1 post atau iklan menggunakan FB Ads, seti
    p org yg komen kita boleh simpan Data mereka hingga ratusan ribu. ...
    Kelebihan: Setiap user atau Data tadi kita boleh 'Broadcast / ' m
    reka bila2 masa setiap hari melalui messenger FB (Inbox). ...
    Bermaksud, kita boleh hantar mesej pada kesemua sekali ribuan Dat
    yg kita simpan tersebut berkali2x secara serentak atau dalam 1 m ...
    Ia setiap posting jadi lebih berkesan dari post di timeline yg me
    gharapkan 'LIKERS' ...
    3. Sy boleh tolong 'Broadcast' / Followup user yg pernah mesej di
    Fanpage anda sejak dari page tersebut di buat hingga sekarang. ...
    Cth: Kita buat 1 iklan promosi atau apa saja utk mereka krna mere
    a prnah brminat dgn produk2 syarikat anda satu ketika dahulu. ...
    4. Sy akan Followup Data setiap hari dgn kata motivasi, panduan k
    sihatan, Q&A, video, gambar dan lain yg berkenaan dgn produk Syar ...
    5. Buat Facebook Ads atau kawal FB Ads setting dgn teliti. Pengal
    man sy dgn FB Ads 3 tahun. ...
    Antara tugas sy bole buat: 6. Lain-lain.
    17 Oct 11:59
    Mohd Akmal  
    Shah Alam

    Mencari kerja sambilan pelayan katering

    RM 100 per day  
    Mencari kerja sambilan sebagai pelayan katering di apa-apa majlis
    keramaian. Bila-bila masa di sekitar selangor. Boleh bermula deng ...
    17 Oct 11:52
    Muhammad Azizan Bin Zaidi  
    Seri Kembangan

    Mencari kerja

    RM 1 200 per month  
    saye seorang tukang cat (kenderaan) yang sedang mencari kerja di
    engkel/pusat servis.. saya ada sijil tahap 2 dari IKTBN (otw siji ...
    (WhatsApp / message)
    16 Oct 22:03
    Amir Izzuddin  
    Hulu Langat

    Mencari perkerjaan tetap

    RM 1 800 per month  
    16 Oct 01:41
    Bandar Bukit Tinggi

    Private Home Tutor (Arabic language | al-Quran)

    -had more than 3 years experiences -strong teaching background -easy study concept -affordable fees -free Iqra'/al-Quran learning -please contact me on 013-6103537
    15 Oct 21:28
    Yasmin Adhni  

    Pemandu lori

    mencari kerja pemandu lori 01133473864
    15 Oct 21:12
    mat shah  

    Mencari kerja part time

    RM 30 per day  
    pengalaman bekerja di restoran..niaga berger..ada sijil kursus pe
    gendalian makanan dan memiliki kad suntikan typhoid yang sah. ...
    15 Oct 21:03

    Mencari kerja pemandu

    RM 3 000 per month  
    berpengalaman jujur lesen bersendi 01136854016
    15 Oct 20:50
    mat shah  

    Teaching job

    RM 8 000 per month  
    Experienced in communication field as a practitioner and lecturer
    Certified trainer. Expert in syllabus development and curriculum ...
    15 Oct 19:39
    Ruhizani binti Alias  
    Petaling Jaya

    Ingin mencari kerja part time dri pukul 6pm -12pm.

    RM 50 per day  
    buat tambah duit
    13 Oct 18:31


    RM 1 250 per month  
    13 Oct 11:48
    Petaling Jaya

    Searching for freelance job

    RM 25 per day  
    Degree holder with geology background and registered graduate geo
    ogist.. Looking for freelance job opportunity to gain side income ...
    12 Oct 11:19
    Shah Alam

    kerja di bengkel mengecat kenderaaan

    RM 1 000 per month  
    mencari kerja di bengkel mengecat kenderaaan
    11 Oct 18:45
    Amir Izzuddin  
    Hulu Langat

    Saya mengajar mengaji di rumah anda.

    RM 50 per month  
    Sila pm untuk bertanya lebih lanjut.
    11 Oct 18:44
    Arbi Arbi  

    Mengajar Mengaji Iqra' dan AlQuran

    RM 30 per day  
    Saya merupakah guru di sekolah menengah area USJ. Terhad kepada 5 (max) orang sahaja dalam satu masa. 016-2433807
    11 Oct 17:01
    Arbi Arbi