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    Looking for temporary jobs around Shah Alam/Nilai

    RM 50 per month  
    -Friendly person -Able to communicate in multiple languages -Doesn't mind any kind of work
    Yesterday 23:52
    Aiman Syafi  
    Shah Alam

    Looking for temporary jobs around Shah Alam/Nilai

    RM 50 per month  
    -Friendly person -Able to communicate in multiple languages -Punctual -Free to work at any time
    Yesterday 23:51
    Aiman Syafi  
    Shah Alam


    RM 3 000 per month  
    Job : Serve and suggest the appropriate products for the customer
    Promoting products and updating items that are out of stock from ...
    Job : Work with a number of suppliers through website to buy a wi
    e variety of products, and then sell the products to customer. ...
    Job : Tell information about beauty. Provide advice and encourage
    ent to solve skin problems. Ensure that customers are always sati ...
    Dental Assistant Icare dental Oct 2017 - Dec 2017 Job : Taking care of patient and able to do multitask. Senior Customer Assistant Watson Sep 2017 - Oct 2017 Job : Assist customer to choose what is the best for them. Admin Zarra Beauty Blossom Oct 2016 - Mar 2017 Online Seller Lxtop.com Clothes Wholesale Feb 2014 - Dec 2015 Beauty Consultant Mary Kay Oct 2012 - Nov 2013
    Yesterday 23:50
    Nur Ainaa Abd Mannan  
    Subang Jaya

    Searching for freelance job

    RM 25 per day  
    Degree holder with geology background and registered graduate geo
    ogist.. Looking for freelance job opportunity to gain side income ...
    Yesterday 22:44
    Hanif Bin Mohamad  
    Shah Alam

    Saya perlukan kerja dengan segera

    RM 1 200 per month  
    saya perlukan kerja dgn segera . perempuan , umur 24 tahun , ting
    al di seksyen 17 shah alam , sudah berkahwin , hanya ada kelulusa ...
    Yesterday 22:43
    diyah sulaiman  
    Shah Alam

    Looking for Part-time Job/Tutor/Tuition Teacher

    RM 100 per day  
    Hi! I'm a fresh graduate in BSc Mathematics with Statistics. Beca
    se I'll continue study in UM for MSc Statistics. Looking for part ...
    Yesterday 08:09

    Part time students

    RM 70 per day  
    saya ingin mencari kerja part time malam di kawasan shah alam sah
    ja...duduk hostel area ss16....ramai juga kawan kolej mahu...jika ...
    13 Dec 19:18
    Fakhrun Razi  
    Shah Alam

    Freelance Accounts & Bookkeeping Services

    RM 5 000 per month  
    Enterprise, Sdn Bhd & etc are welcome
    13 Dec 07:55
    sk teh  

    Freelance for accounting

    RM 800 per month  
    Di sini saya juga mengambil upah merekod akaun bagi syarikat yang
    ingin ...
    1. Upah yang lebih murah berbanding pekerja tetap. (RM200 - 500/s
    bulan) ...
    2. Sudah mempunyai pengalaman didalam urus tadbir perakaunan dan
    umber manusia ...
    1. Merekod segala pembelian dan kemasukan jualan dengan penyeraha
    resit2 ...
    mengurangkan kos dan mendapat rekod yang tepat. Kelebihan: selama 7 tahun. 4. Dapat menjimatkan wang dari pembelian software perakaunan. 5. Amanah, cekap dan minimal kesalahan merekod data. Khidmat yang diberikan; secara berkala 2. Menyediakan laporan prestasi syarikat. 3. Memantau bajet tahunan yang ditetapkan. 4. Memantau kos kos bagi yang mempunyai projek 5. Pendaftaran, Penyediaan dan penghantaran dokumen untuk GST 6. Penyediaan dan penghantaran borang LHDN 7. Memantau dan merekod susut nilai aset syarikat Boleh hubungi saya Pn Husna di talian 013-9400817 (whatsapp)
    13 Dec 07:45
    wan nurulhusna bt wan ab aziz  
    Shah Alam

    Job seeker

    RM 1 400 per month  
    hello. my name is Dharsini. im 20 years old. recently I finished
    y diploma internship, and now looking for a good job. I done dipl ...
    12 Dec 17:03
    Subang Jaya

    Full time office hours

    RM 1 200 per month  
    saya ingin mencari kerja yg office hour kerana saya mempunyai ana
    ... ...
    12 Dec 15:08

    Tukang Jahit Mahir

    RM 100 per day  
    Saya adalah seorang Tukang Jahit berpegalaman selama 17 tahun di
    alam industri jahitan. Saya sedang mencari kerja dengan mana-mana ...
    Assalamualaikum Tuan-Puan, Kemahiran Jahitan: Jubah - 6-10 pasang sehari Baju Kurung - 3-8 pasang sehari Kemahiran Memotong: Potongan Custom-Made untuk Individu Potongan Pukal - pengalaman memotong kain untuk produk Jakel Saya boleh dihubungi di no. 01125857091 (Muzammil). Sekian terima kasih.
    12 Dec 14:17
    Mohd Mozammel  
    Shah Alam

    Mencari pekerjaan

    RM 1 800 per month  
    mencari pekerjaan yang berkaitan .. Boleh mehubungi saya ,0139889
    01.. ...
    saya lepasan diploma kejuruteraan mekanikal. whassap 0179744113.. sanggup bekerja di mana2 sahaja
    12 Dec 14:07
    Seri Kembangan

    Any jobs

    RM 987 654 321 per month  
    I'm looking for any jobs..specially job that I can improve my sel
    creativity and achieve something big... ...
    I'm an hyperactive person so that I've got so many idea for anyth
    ng in front of me.. ...
    Being an hyperactive person make a workaholic... I'd like to stay
    active... ...
    I'd like to share every experiences and get it as well....and I'd
    love to learn.. ...
    Thank God...because everywhere I've worked..I always achieves som
    thing... ...
    So I hope after any of you read my long resume which is I think i
    s important... ...
    And if any of you think that I could work for you..which is I hop
    that I can... ...
    Salam.... Hi... My Name is Andy.. I'm Indonesian.. I'm a father of two and I'm looking for a job... About my personality.. I'd love to communicate with peoples... Please don't bother to contact me by this number.. Andy : 01160548726
    12 Dec 10:21
    Muhammad Andy  

    Guru membaca

    RM 15 per day  
    Merupakan guru tadika yg mempunyai pengalaman dlm mengajar kanak2
    membaca. ...
    12 Dec 10:12
    anis najihah Johar  

    3Ton Lorry driver

    RM 1 700 per month  
    12 Dec 10:11

    Guru bahasa arab

    RM 20 per day  
    Merupakan mahasiswi lepasan degree dlm bidang al quran..insyaalla
    ilmu yg diperolehi dpt kita manfaatkan bersama ...
    12 Dec 10:10
    anis najihah binti johar  

    Guru Mengaji Iqra' - alquran

    RM 15 per day  
    Saya merupakan lepasan degree dalam bidang alquran..insyaallah..i
    mu yg saya perolehi dapat kita manfaatkan bersama ...
    12 Dec 10:10
    Anis Najihah Johar  

    Mencari kerja kosong

    RM 1 500 per month  
    *Nak tahu lebih detail boleh ws
    12 Dec 02:14
    fitri adnan  

    Architecture / Interior Architecture

    RM 5 000 per month  
    Looking for a job in an Architecture and Interior Architecture Fi
    ld. (PART TIME / FREELANCER) ...
    • Posses a BSc. Degree from a top university, coupled with hand
    on experience. ...
    • Paper presenter of AicQol2014 Kota Kinabalu (AMER Internation
    l Conference on Quality of Life) with title: The Intergration of ...
    University : University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malays
    a. ...
    Programme : Bachelor Of Interior Architecture (Hons)
    University : University Technology Mara (UiTM), Malaysia.
    • Seminar of Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia
    CIDB) ...
    - Dismission with architects, engineers, building materials suppl
    ers are an everyday occurrence. Prepared drawing for submission a ...
    - Dealing with client, material’s supplier and contractor. Prop
    sed a design, layout and materials for architecture and interior. ...
    - Dealing with client, material’s supplier and contractor. Prop
    sed a design, layout, furniture and materials for the interior. P ...
    Any Architect and Interior Architecture Firm / other parties who
    eed my service & consultation kindly: ...
    SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • Well verse in AutoCAD Drawing. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Programme : Diploma in Architecture July 2002 – April 2005 July 2007 – April 2011 PROFESSIONAL COURSE ATTEND • IGS Research Skill Seminars • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) HAND OF EXPERIENCES PM / CALL/ WHATSAPP 019 245 8280 019 245 8280 019 245 8280 Aimi Farhana Hashim RekaHartanah
    11 Dec 17:23
    Aimi Farhana Hashim  

    Looking for a job

    RM 2 000 per month  
    Hai , im siti , im looking for a new job immediately right now .
    efore this i have been working in retail as a sales excutive unde ...
    11 Dec 13:28

    Executive/Junior Engineer

    RM 1 800 per month  
    Multitasking & willing to assist other job within the engineering
    scope. ...
    Proficient in Microsoft Office which is Microsoft Word, PowerPoin
    and Excel. ...
    Independent, self-motivated, multitasking, team player and proact
    ve. ...
    I am fresh graduate. Strong communication and technical writing skills. Independent and able to meet deadlines. Can work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
    11 Dec 13:01
    Ramisah Binti Md Zain  
    Shah Alam

    Saya mencari kerja sub contractor / renovation

    RM 100 per day  
    -Saya mencari kerja-kerja SUB CONTRACTORS (kontrak) , RENOVATION
    atau pun short project yang berkaitan dalam pembinaan / pembangun ...
    JIKA ada kerja tetap untuk di tawarkan boleh hubungi saya untk pe
    bincangan lanjut ...
    Asslmulaikum dan salam sejahtera ..nama saya syahrizan@ ejhan -PASANG MOSEIC (TILE ( -WIRING -CAT -LANTAI -CUCI RUMAH dan macam macam kerja lagi saya buat.. Hubungi saya call @ whatsapp 01127413601
    11 Dec 12:50
    syarizan ejhan  

    Affordable Freelance Graphic Designer

    RM 650 per day  
    Hi, I am a Graphic Designer. I am now pursuing my study in Bachel
    r of Graphic Design (Hons.) currently in final semester. I provid ...
    10 Dec 18:24
    Teeya Hanapiah  
    Puncak Alam

    Lorry/Van Driver

    RM 1 800 per month  
    Sedang mencari kerja - Lesen B2,D & GDL - Ada pengalaman kurier selama 2 tahun - Mahir disekitar lembah klang - Boleh outstation - Belajar pengalaman baru Sekiranya berminat boleh hubungi 0173320402/0142250295
    10 Dec 13:28
    Adam Mohd Salleh  
    Port Klang

    Pemandu kereta sahaja/lain2 kerja

    RM 2 000 per month  
    .(01127114305 syamil)gaji blh runding
    10 Dec 13:24

    Perlukan kerja part time

    RM 1 500 per month  
    Hi assalamualaikum, nama saya Nina. Sedang mencari vacancy secara
    part time hanya untuk sebulan kerana 14/1/2018 akan mula masuk be ...
    10 Dec 13:20
    Nina Kamal  
    Shah Alam

    Lorry driver

    RM 3 500 per month  
    i have 8 years driving experience...able to work under any situat
    on.. ...
    8 Dec 13:51
    kumaresan a/l raman  

    Pemandu GDL.

    RM 1 000 per day  
    Selamat pagi. Sy En Sukri, 29 tahun, tidak merokok dan sangat men
    pati masa. Sy sedang mencari peluang pekerjaan sementara pemandu ...
    8 Dec 13:32
    Ahmad Sukri Abu  

    Kerja part time di rumah

    RM 1 000 per day  
    saya seorang suri rumah senuh masa dan mempunyai ijazah sarjana m
    da. saya memerlukan sebarang kerja part time yg boleh bekerja dar ...
    selain itu, sy juga menawarkan khidmat dari segi assist student m
    mbuat assignment, tips menghadapi viva dan memimpin cara utk memb ...
    8 Dec 11:01
    mas hanis  
    Setia Alam

    Mencari kerja sambilan

    RM 1 500 per month  
    Salam, nama saya Aiman Irfan Bin Hamdan dan saya sedang mencari k
    rja sambilan. Pernah bekerja sebagai sorter selama 4 bulan.Berhen ...
    8 Dec 01:34
    Azim Hashim  

    Sales Coordinator

    RM 2 700 per month  
    - Picking up calls and liaising with nurses or clinics procuremen
    department on sales orders. ...
    - Prepare reports for Division (Sales Report, Marketing Expense R
    port, etc.). ...
    - Compile cheques and tally with invoices to be given to accounts
    department. ...
    - Liaise with Logistics Division and vendors for requisition of s
    ocks and other items. ...
    - Develop and maintain cordial relations with local and overseas
    usiness associates. ...
    - Issue voucher, petty cash, sales order, delivery order, invoice
    , account statements, reports ...
    Key Responsibilities: - Knowledge in SAP/UBS/CSS System. - Raising Quotation, Performa Invoice, Credit Note. - Process rental agreements/contracts for salesperson. - Arranging delivery for every sales order processed. - Follow-up with salespersons on pending documents. - Filling documents. - Responsible for day to day order processing. - Prepare sales detailing kits and materials. - Ensure stock inventory within acceptable buffer. - Other general admin support. - Contacting clinics for payment vouchers. - Liaise with leasing companies and banks. - Update stock. - Handle customer problem by call. - Prepare quotation. - Chase payment. - Prepare Monthly, Weekly and Daily sales analysis. - Filling documents. - Maintaining office equipment. - Receive and process payment (key inside transaction) and other records, using computer. - Monitor customer accounts for nonpayment and delayed payment. - Prepare Sales Collection reports. - Monitor and Update stock every day. (In, Out and Rejected) - Basic knowledge of design and accounting.
    7 Dec 16:30
    Savariammah a/p Gunasegaran  
    Petaling Jaya

    Mencari fulltime job

    RM 1 800 per month  
    Muhammad Nisaruddin Bin Jaya Putera . 25 tahun . Klang, Selangor.
    Mencari ...
    kerja di area Klang atau Shah Alam. Masih bekerja. Saya tidak me
    punyai pelajaran maksud saya SPM dan PMR, ...
    saya hanya membekalkan pengalaman kerja. Pernah kerja Security Gu
    rd selama ...
    hampir 1 tahun di Port Klang, Syarikat Lawyer firm selama hampir
    tahun ...
    sebagai Despatch dan saya juga pernah bekerja di syarikat Travel
    ang mendapat ...
    contract dengan UITM selama 2 Tahun lebih sebagai Site Supervisor
    Saya tidak ...
    mempunyai lesen memandu kerana lesen sudah tamat tempoh dan saya
    oleh memandu ...
    Motosikal, Kereta dan juga Van. Saya tidak mempunyai transport ji
    a tempat ...
    kerja luar dari kawasan klang, bergantong pada jarak jauh dari ru
    ah jika ...
    terlalu jauh saya memerlukan hostel. Akhir kata dari saya, jujur
    an amanah ...
    adalah sangat penting untuk kita melakukan sesuatu. Dan itulah ya
    g akan saya ...
    kekalkan dalam diri untuk membuktikan prestasi kerja yang terbaik
    untuk ...
    berkhimat di syarikat tuan/puan. Saya akan cuba berikan yang terb
    ik. ...
    7 Dec 14:06
    Muhamad Nisaruddin Bin Jaya Putera  


    RM 50 per day  
    Nama saya Nurul Shahida. Mencari kerja partime WEEKEND (full hour
    . - SAYA TAK KISAH APA PUN KERJA ASALKAN HALAL- Saya ingin bekerj ...
    Area di rawang, bukit beruntung, selayang, sg buloh, dan berdekat
    n lah.. Gaji kalau boleh saya nak minta harian, gaji negotiable. ...
    Hi, salam sejahtera semua. Anything boleh call/ whatsapp saya 0182678514 . Tq MUDAH
    7 Dec 14:04
    Nurul Shahida  

    Kerja kosong kerani kota damansara

    RM 2 000 per month  
    Boleh mula kerja JANUARI 2018 Berkahwin 27 Tahun Pengalaman dalam bidang processing dept & inventory dept.
    6 Dec 16:35
    nur fazreena binti shamshuddin  
    Kota Damansara

    Kerja dari rumah

    Saya berpengalaman dalam hal2 admin di office.
    6 Dec 12:15
    Batu Caves

    Any Job

    RM 50 per month  
    mencari pekerjaan Di sekitar kawasan BANDAR BARU AMPANG..CALL/WAS
    AP 0197494175..Urgent ...
    6 Dec 11:37
    muiz ahmad  

    Searching for Part Time job, Shah Alam

    RM 30 per day  
    I am Syakila from Shah Alam. Currently, I'm a post grad student a
    d working in office hour basis. (9am-6pm). ...
    I am proficient in Bahasa Melayu and English and skilled in writi
    g, doing general task, multitasking, working in customer related ...
    6 Dec 00:40
    Shah Alam

    Any kind of jobs

    RM 100 per day  
    A potential job which I can improve my self creativity and my sel
    potential... ...
    So far...everywhere I've work...I've improved my self in a good w
    y... ...
    So if any of you think that I deserve to work for you...don't bot
    er to contact me... ...
    Salam.. Hi... My name is Rizky... I'm Indonesian.. I'm 30 year old and I'm looking for a job... I'm a hyperactive person ... I'de to communicate with peoples ... I've try so many job since I was here... Well I'm an Indonesian... Rizky:01160548726
    5 Dec 18:25
    Muhammad Rizky  

    Part Time Driver/Personal

    RM 1 000 per month  
    Saya Mencari individu atau syarikat2 Yang memerlukan Part Time Dr
    ver/Personal Driver..Saya tinggal di Puchong.. Boleh Keluar Kawas ...
    5 Dec 18:24
    mohd fazarith bin nazuber