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Alpha Chauffeur

Alpha Chauffeur, is a car rental, travel & tourism company. Our main goal is to redefine the car rental industry with its unique, bespoke & premium offerings. Recruiting & Rental partners to Grab Car, our fleet offers vehicles in the economy and luxury segments, we strongly believe that there is one for every need. The scope of services includes Car Rentals, Commercial Vehicle Hire & Travel & Tourism for individuals and corporates.

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No. 38 Jalan TS 6/5,
Taman Industry Subang (USJ 1)
Phone: 0182223100 Contact Us

Sewa Rendah - Register GRABCAR / Driver

RM 5 000 - 7 000 per month  
Anda boleh pandu Grab pada bila-bila masa sahaja yang anda suka.T
ada paksaan, tiada kengkangan ...
-------------------------------------------------------- ...
1. DEPOSIT RENDAH /SEWA RENDAH 2. Service kereta/Tayar free untuk driver 3. Coaching & Training Step By Step akan diberikan sebelum drive 4. Tiada contract 5. Part Time / Full Time Boleh 6. Driver Referral yang tinggi bila successful 7. 24 Jam Group Support 8. FREE 1x Car Wash 9. Perkhidmatan Towing 24 jam 10. Insurance persendirian 11. Akaun akan aktif dalam masa 24 jam. Details yg diperlukan:- 1.IC 2.Lesen kereta penuh D 3. Bil Air / Electric / Astro masa.Dan yang paling terbest skali, duit tunai hari2 masyukkk (Call, SMS, WhatsApp): Cik. Effa 0183888079 Cik. Michelle 0189889005 Encik. Joel 6 0182238088 Encik. Dom 0183882100 Alpha Chauffeur 0182223100 Able to earn between RM5,500 to RM7,000 a month, Come we have proof of driver salary trends YOUR BENEFITS WHEN RENT WITH ALPHA - No maintenance cost for renters. - All Service covered. - Tyre mantainance - Renew of Road Tax - Insurance covered - FREE 1x Car Wash - Special DISCOUNT for car wash for Alpha Drivers - Towing Service 24 hours YOUR BENEFIT WHEN YOU DRIVE WITH US -24 Hour Group Support -Part Time / Full Time - Flexible Working Hours. -Attractive Driver Referral Incentives upon successful application. -STEP BY STEP Coaching/Support will be provided on how to maximize drivers income. -Rental Discount Given For Long Term Team Members. - Driver Insurance available - Immediate registration done REQUIREMENTS -Full license required. -Photocopy of IC & Driving License (Front & Back) -Latest Month Utility Bill (Water or Electricity Bill) (Call, SMS, WhatsApp): Cik. Effa 0183888079 Encik. Emale 0182238088 Cik Ramlah 0189889010 Alpha Chauffeur 0182223100 All Malaysians above the age of 21 is welcome to join our team.
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Alpha Chauffeur  
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