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Automatic Watering Solutions PG0254662-V - PRO Niaga Store on

Automatic Watering Solutions PG0254662-V

Garden Watering Partner that automatically waters plants, lawn for you while you are away from home.

Automatic Watering Solutions specializes in sprinkler & drip watering system driven by automation since 2005. We evolve to develop, manufacture and retail multiple ranges of D.I.Y. product sets to transform legacy lifestyle to an easier, zero touch plants watering solution. We also distribute our products to landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners throughout Malaysia. Our goal is to provide cost effective and yet bring automation ideas in watering plants, lawn without any labor needed. This has driven us to continue to provide better customer support and better product ranges that serve customers needs, reduce water usage and cut labor cost. Talk to us via the following channels: email: Tel: 0124312972. Web:

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Automatic Watering Solutions

Address: Penang,
8-12 SunnyPoint Complex
Phone No: 0124312972
ROC/SCM No: PG0254662-V
Mobile No: 0124312972
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