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Your One Stop Center

We are Kar Master, your 1 stop service center for various car brands based in Alor Setar, Kedah. Our service include car maintenance, spare part, air-cond service, tyre service, car accessories and etc. We provide the best quality, price and service to meet your needs.


Kar Master, Kar Master

  • No.303,Long Perak 16
  • Kawasan Perusahaan Mergong 2,
  • 05150, alor setar, Kedah
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BMW G20 330i M Performance Mtech Bumper Bodykit
BMW G20 330i M Performance Mtech Bumper Bodykit
RM 4 100
Yesterday, 14:30
BMW G20 Front Canard (Glossy Black)
RM 350
Yesterday, 14:10
Mercedes Benz W176 A45 AMG Bodykit FL 2017
RM 3 600
Yesterday, 10:10
BMW 3 Series G20 M340i Bodykit
RM 3 999
Aug 14, 19:30
BMW G20 M-Performance Spoiler Carbon
RM 550
Aug 14, 19:25
BMW G20 MP Spoiler (Glossy Black)
RM 350
Aug 14, 19:23
BMW G20 GT 380GS Bodykit
RM 4 200
Aug 14, 19:10
BMW G20 MP Front Lip,Side Skirt Lip,Rear Diffuser
RM 1 450
Aug 14, 18:50
BMW G20 M Performance Quad Rear Diffuser Black
RM 480
Aug 14, 18:45
BMW G20 M Performance Circle Exhaust Rear Diffuser
RM 480
Aug 14, 18:43
BMW F10 M4 Carbon Spoiler
RM 450
Aug 8, 18:55
BMW 5 Series F10 M Tech M Performance Bodykit
RM 1 850
Aug 8, 17:30
BMW F10 M Performance Carbon Spoiler
RM 488
Aug 8, 17:07
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