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A team of local experts that provide professional advice to clients to help you find your ideal home.

Focus Area
  • Ara Damansara
  • Bandar Bukit Raja
  • Kapar
  • Klang
  • Petaling Jaya
Property Covered
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Block G-17-8
  • Jalan SS7/26
  • 47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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e 12345

REBAT 42K SUPERLINK BARU 20x73 4R2B FREE SPA Jln Kebun Shah Alam Sek30
REBAT 42K SUPERLINK BARU 20x73 4R2B FREE SPA Jln Kebun Shah Alam Sek30
RM 396 000
Today, 16:05
REBAT 45K 0 Depo 20x102 4R2B FREE Legal Kemuning South Bentara Rimbayu
RM 405 000
Today, 16:05
FULL Loan SEMI D 38x82 3R2B FREE Legal Jln Kebun Baru Sek 30 Rimbayu
RM 498 000RM 462 000
Today, 16:04
SUPERLINK 20x102 4R2B 0 Depo FREE Legal Tmn Bentara Jln Balam dkt WCE
RM 405 000
Today, 15:56
Direct PEMAJU 39x79 SEMI D 4+1R,4B FREE SNP Jln Kebun Shah Alam Sek 29
RM 625 000
Today, 15:55
SUPERLINK 20x102 4R2B FULL Loan FREE Legal Kebun BARU Sek 30 Shah Alam
RM 405 000
Today, 15:55
REBAT 60K Semi D 2 Tgt 38x79 4R4B Jln Kebun Shah Alam Sek 29 Kemuning
RM 625 000
Today, 01:14
FULL Loan FREE Legal 22x64 4R2B FREEHOLD Sementa Rantau Panjang Klang
RM 350 000
Today, 01:14
Direct PEMAJU REBAT 95K Semi D 38x82 4Bilik 0 Depo Jln Kebun Shah Alam
RM 498 000RM 462 000
Yesterday, 22:32
PEMAJU: FULL Loan SEMI D 38x82 3R2B Kebun BARU Jln Merbuk Tmn Bentara
RM 498 600RM 462 000
Yesterday, 22:32
OPEN Title FULL Loan FREE Legal 22x59 3R2B Sek 29 Shah Alam Jln Kebun
RM 420 000
Yesterday, 22:32
FULL Loan REBAT 44K 1 Tgt 20x64 4R2B FREE SNP Pulau Indah Port Klang
RM 299 000
Yesterday, 22:30
FULL Loan 20x94 4R2B CASH BACK 15K Tmn Bentara Kebun BARU Tepi SKVE
RM 390 000
Yesterday, 22:29
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