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Property Agent 房地产经纪 (全职/兼职)
Property Agent 房地产经纪 (全职/兼职)
RM 10 000 - 100 000 per month
敬请留意; 在这疫情的冲击下,导致了许多人减薪和直接失业。。 你是否也被影响了? 若你也是其中一位收到冲击,或者你想未雨绸缪,那不妨考虑入我们! 时间自由,无需经验,无需学历!(全职/兼职) 我们提供货源, 我们提供训练 , 我们提供营销技巧, 我们确保你的 “成功”! 我们只收RM150 费用! 我们照样100%全教你们! 我们将会全力以赴帮助你! 大家全力以赴度过这个难关! 相信地产将会改变你的一生,赚取你的第一桶金! 公司背景: “ VPG REALTY ” V — VANTAGE(优质); P — PROFESSIONAL(专业); G — GLAMOUR(魅力) 本公司的核心价值是“以人为本”,确保《大家126 (搵到食)& 人人都是企业家》就是我们的使命和愿景,每一位加入的都是我们的生意伙伴,由刚刚加入到每一高层,公司制度完全透明化!鲜明的制度令你如何打造区域优势(Area Specialist),创造个人品牌与价值(Personal Branding)! 任何询问欢迎联络 VPG Group Manager Neosman Chiew 019-319 5413 Http:// ----------------------- Under the impact of this epidemic, many people have cut their wages and become unemployed directly. . Are you also affected? If you are one of the shocks, or if you want to take precautions, you might as well consider us! Time is free, no experience, no education required! We provide supply, We provide training, We provide marketing skills, We ensure your "success"! We still teach you 100%! We will do our best to help you! Everyone went all out to tide over this difficulty! Believe that real estate will change your life and earn your first pot of gold! company background: "VPG REALTY" V — VANTAGE (high quality); P — PROFESSIONAL (professional); G — GLAMOUR (glamour) 任何询问欢迎联络 VPG Group Manager Neosman Chiew ������ 019-319 5413 Http://
Apr 3, 09:30Wangsa Maju
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