Highlight Ad

Differentiate your ad for 5 days in different colour, bigger thumbnail and bigger listing space.

Please note that Highlight Ad is only applicable for ads under Cars, Car Accessories, Property and Jobs categories that meet certain requirements.

How to buy?

To highlight your ad, login to your PRO Niaga account. From the Published Ads tab in My Ads page, select the ads you want to highlight then click the "Highlight" button and then click "Continue".

How much does Highlight Ad cost?

Highlight Ad is currently available for categories as shown below only.

Premium Service Credits
Cars Basic Ads Cars Plus Ads Cars Premium Ads Other Vehicle Ads Car Accessories Ads
Highlight Ad (5 days) 100 50 50 N/A 100
Premium Service Credits
Sales Rent
Highlight Ad (5 days) 100 100
Premium Service Credits
Highlight Ad (5 days) 100
*includes 6% SERVICE TAX

You can purchase Highlight Ads using your Mudah credits.

Your ad will be marked as Highlight Ad within the next 30 minutes upon purchase.

You can purchase Mudah Credits via:

  • iPay88
  • Maybank Online Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
To purchase Mudah Credits, please click here to login to your PRO Niaga account.