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    AFC SOP (Subarashi & Utsukushhii) are two rare products that will help rejuvenate (regenerate) important cells of your organs.

    By regenerating cells in the core organs of your body, the organs concerned will work optimally. The effect is you will be healthier. And of course, will be younger, far away from your real age.

    IN THE MORNING, recommended morning time is 5-9 am. Because at that hour the colon and stomach are working optimally.

    AFTERNOON / EVENING, afternoon and night at 5-7 pm, because at that hour the kidneys were working to restore us our energy. Outside these hours is also fine.

    Method 1
    After waking up in the morning, drink enough water.
    Open and sprinkle SOP under the tongue. Sprinkle a little at a time, not all at once, stand still or shake the tongue, let the SOP dissolve in saliva.
    Then you can drink enough water again.
    Because at the bottom of our tongue there are the most nerves. It will go directly into the blood vessels, so that the SOP work will be maximized.
    Open 1 sachet then pour under the tongue
    Do it 2 times a day according to the time described above. The question that is often asked is, why should you take Salmon Ovary Peptide (SOP) under the tongue?

    The absorption is more optimal if it is under the tongue, because if the food enters the stomach or processes it through the stomach, the absorption of SOP will be even less.
    If drunk mixed with water, the SOP 100+ will enter through the stomach. So, the absorption can only be 40-60%.
    Consumption of SOP preferably 1 hour before meals.
    Take the second SOP, which is before dinner.

    Method 2
    The second way to consume SOP is recommended for those of you who experience chronic fatigue, or the tongue cannot be removed so that you need to help:
    Especially for people who suffer from disease
    It is highly recommended to do it in stages, because later there will be a detox process, how to test first 1 sachet per day, see how the reaction is. Only then after 3-7 days continued to 2 sachets per day.

    Usually if there is a disease, there will be a detoxification reaction first. The reaction can be different, some have tingling feet, heartburn, dizziness, drowsiness, and others.

    Continue to use SOP, on average on 3-5 days the detox reaction has disappeared.

    If there is swelling that usually occurs due to uric acid. Stop the SOP until the swelling goes away. Then use SOP starting from a dose of 1/2 sachet per day or a smaller dose, and then increase the dose gradually.

    If you have heartburn, SOP can be taken 5 minutes before eating. Gradually moved back to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes before eating, so that finally the ulcer healed.

    For chronic gastritis, SOP can be consumed after meals. Gradually moved back to before eating as shown above.

    Since the recovery reaction from SOP is so strong, there are some results that start to show in the first and second weeks.

    The process of perfect cell on in the human body takes a minimum of about 6 months or more.

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