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What is mVIP?

The newly introduced Mudah Vehicle Inspection & Protection feature is a new initiative by Mudah Auto as Malaysia's largest online marketplace. Buy with confidence and enjoy a safe, smooth and seamless experience.
  • 180-point Inspection

    Checks for major accidents, structural and flood damages.
  • Extensive Verification

    Verified sellers, documents, exact vehicle condition and true market value.
  • Warranty Protection

    Buy with a peace of mind. Get 12 months warranty for eligible cars.

180-point Inspection

With mVIP, you will have a clear view of a vehicle’s true condition through Mudah Auto’s 180-point inspection report.
Checks are done for the following:
  • Major Accidents Damages
  • Structural Damages
  • Flood Damages

Extensive Verification

Seller Verification

Verification of seller documents and registered Seller identification.

Vehicle Document Verification

We verify the car's manufacturing year, brand and model details against the vehicle's registration document.

True Market Value

Price recommendation and average market value provided based on Mudah's in-house proprietary pricing model.

Get 12-month Protection with Extended Warranty

Buy with a peace of mind

We understand that buying a used car comes with concerns. Buyers should know a car's true condition before it hits the road and so we're giving you the option of added protection through our Extended Warranty.
Extensive repair coverage image
Extensive repair coverage
Hassle-free claims image
Hassle-free claims
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Free 24/7 towing service
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Nationwide panel workshops
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Dedicated customer service support

What Our Buyer Says

Have a look at some of our buyer success stories and how mVIP has helped them.
It gives me solid info on the car’s condition. This helps provide confidence to the buyer.

​​Laporan pemeriksaan membantu saya sebagai pembeli untuk merasa lebih yakin dengan pembelian kereta terpakai di platform (

Kenny Koay
Inspection report amat membantu saya dalam masa mco ini untuk mencari kereta yang bersesuaian dengan kriteria saya

Izza Arasyika
Knowing that the car has been checked by a specialist, with the inspection report, it gives me confidence of the seller’s vehicle condition

Laporan pemeriksaan ini banyak membantu saya mengenai keadaan sebenar kereta tersebut. Ia membantu saya memahami keadaan dan mengenal pasti sebarang masalah sebelum saya membuat keputusan untuk membeli mana-mana kereta terpakai.

Mohd Tarmizi Bin Abdul Karim

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