How does it work?

PayPal is easily enabled through Mudah. To get started, complete the following step:
  1. Sign up for a PayPal Business account - it's free and takes just minutes.

Now, you're ready to start receiving payments. Here's how it works when a buyer makes a purchase:
  1. Customers shop on your website and click the payment button to make a purchase
  2. They log in to Mudah and choose PayPal. Remember, it's secure and easy for your buyers as they don't have to retype their financial detail each time they pay
  3. With PayPal, they can pay using their credit cards, bank account6 or PayPal balance
  4. You get paid instantly in your PayPal account and can choose to withdraw the funds to your bank account or keep the funds as PayPal balance for your future online purchase

6Receiving payments via bank transfers is available from approved countries. Click here