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    Caretaker for Rental Place

    RM 920 - 1 000 per month  
    Location: Opposite Sarawak General Hospital, same block as Pharm
    cy/ Motorcycle Repair Shop. On top of Wang Fu Sheng Kopitiam, (at ...
    Tasks: Clean the place , change and clean bedsheets when guests c
    eck out, enroll and register customer. ...
    You got to be honest with money, enjoy meeting people, can clean
    he place,clear rubbish and send bedsheets to laundry, Can Whats A ...
    Requirement: Retiree / housewife and is able to Whats App Language spoken/ written: English and Malay or Chinese. Place: GH Great Homes Hours: 8am- 5pm, 6 days a week, Sunday: 8am- 1:30pm Off day: Can take any weekday off.
    Yesterday 18:31
    Savvy Media SB  

    Pekerja Syarikat Menang Glassware Sdn. Bhd

    RM 1 000 - 1 200 per month  
    Sesiapa yang berminat, sila hubungi terus Miss Cheryl di talian 0
    9 8054545 / 082 250571 ...
    Alamat: Lot 3090 & 3091, Ground Floor, Block 10 KLCD, 2 1/2 Mile
    ock Road, 93520 KCH, Sarawak, Malaysia. ...
    KELAYAKAN: - SPM ke atas - 25 tahun ke atas - Mempunyai asas komputer - Berdisiplin & bertanggungjawab
    Yesterday 11:19

    Freelance Research Respondents (Sarawak)

    RM 20 - 500 per month  
    Involve in regular market research studies conducted by top globa
    research companies and brands, such as online surveys/ mobile ap ...
    - Receive research studies regularly from top global research com
    anies and brands. ...
    - Valid email address is required to receive market research stud
    es invitations. ...
    Interested candidates are invited visit our website via the link
    o find out more and register with us: http://bit.ly/ppmudahmysrw0 ...
    Responsibility: Benefits: - Earn per successful research study/ project completion. - Flexible time and no fixed hour commitment. Requirements: - Able to participate in research studies regularly. - Understand English and another local language is a plus. - Able to access internet regularly
    Yesterday 09:40

    Chinese Restaurant Vacancy

    RM 1 000 - 2 800 per month  
    REQUIREMENTS: -Desire to surprise each guest with the experience -Love working in a fast-paced, team oriented environment -Dependable, strong work ethic -Ability to work nights, weekends and holidays -Must be at least 16 years of age -Willing to learn, training provided HP: 0189791149 / 0128093193
    22 May 11:28
    fah enterprise  

    Cashier cum sales promoter

    RM 920 - 2 000 per month  
    -honest and responsible -computer literate -sociable and energetic personality
    18 May 19:23
    sinpiao borneo sdn bhd  

    Jawatan Kosong Operator Pengeluaran di Semenanjung

    RM 1 000 - 1 600 per month  
    Gaji : RM60x26=RM1560 E Transport : RM100/m Attendance : RM100/m Overtime : RM7.20/h Sila Whatsap Nama..Umur..alamat..No Tpon ke 012-5818942 019-5731354 012-5381354 Pejabat Di Semenanjung, Rahsiabaru Services Sdn Bhd. No14, Tgkt 1,Lrg Perda Utama 4 Bandar Perda,Bkt Mertajam, Pulau Pinang. Whatsapp Segera.. 012-5818942 019-5731354 012-5381354 Rebut Peluang Keemasan Demi Utk Masa Depan Anda & Keluarga. Terimakasih...
    17 May 08:50
    rahsiabaru enterprise  

    Kerja Part Time

    RM 2 200 - 3 350 per month  
    2. Outside cleaning (potong rumput) Rm 48 2 jam seorang wajib ada
    mesin rumput ...
    3. Moving cleaning (Pindah angkat barang) Rm 55 4 jam seorang mes
    i ada 2 orang ...
    4. Ceremony preparation (kenduri) Rm 50 4 jam seorang mesti ada
    orang ...
    5. Painting (Mengecat) Rm 55 4 jam seorang wajib ada berus untuk
    at ...
    App Store https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/zapphand-worker/id13678
    3166?mt=8 ...
    PPP ...
    1. Inside cleaning (Kemas rumah/pejabat) RM 48 4 jam seorang Wajib download sekarang Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zapphandworker Website www.zapphand.com Ada sebarang pertanyaan sila wasap http://www.wasap.my/601120452601/KerjaMudahZapphand
    15 May 12:03
    Selocker Enterprise  

    Conveyancing or Litigation Lawyer - Senior/Junior

    RM 1 per month  
    - Interested parties please submit your resume to knightrider800@
    ahoo.com ...
    14 May 16:33
    alex associates  


    RM 1 000 - 1 500 per month  
    -Pengimpal menggabungkan bahan, seperti keluli dan aluminium, ber
    ama-sama untuk membuat mekanisme atau untuk membetulkan perkara y ...
    -Ketangkasan manual dan keupayaan untuk menggunakan alat tangan d
    n alat kuasa diperlukan. ...
    -Perhatian terhadap terperinci juga penting untuk memastikan tuga
    itu dilakukan dengan betul. ...
    -Kemahiran matematik adalah penting untuk menjalankan pengiraan d
    n pengukuran. ...
    -Kebanyakan kerja dilakukan secara bebas, jadi penting untuk menj
    di motivasi diri. ...
    11 May 08:36
    International Welding Co  

    Partime IT Technician(Sibu,Sarikei,Kanowit)

    RM 60 - 80 per day  
    - interested candidates may submit resume with passport size phot
    to: ...
    Job scope details: a) PC,NB, Printer,Scanner, b) MS Office,Windows, Antivirus, Green Screen, manage Engine. b) Troubleshoot, reformat & reimage - Ghost c) Join domain & IP address setting. d) Data back up, Data Migration( hdd converter. laptop/pc) e) Corrective Maintenance Requirements: a) Mempunyai kenderaan sendiri b) Mempunyai internet, laptop/PC & Scanner/camera. c) Jujur, amanah dan boleh bekerja dengan cepat dan effektif. d) Boleh bekerja dengan kadar segera & lebih masa. Immediate Intake hraccesskl@yahoo.com - Please mention job position and location in reply email title - Brief of candidates:( EMAIL WALL)
    26 Apr 14:11
    HRaccess Solutions  

    Branch Collection Manager - Kuching Sarawak

    RM 2 000 - 3 000 per month  
    *The responsibility of ensuring that debt which is owed to a comp
    ny is paid as quickly as possible in the job description of a col ...
    *A collection manager supervises a staff of collectors and monito
    s the way in which they handle phone calls and the letters they s ...
    - Oversees the companies process of retrieving money owed to the
    or one of their clients. ...
    - Make sure employees comply with company policies when contactin
    other companies to collect past due balances that they owe. ...
    - Ensures that all written correspondence complies with company p
    licies in term of verbiage and frequency of contact. ...
    - Keeps up with changes in state and federal laws governing debt
    ollections and make sure employees receive training on any change ...
    - Make sure the collectors on staff operate within the confines o
    the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) when maki ...
    - Monitor call reports to make sure collectors are making enough
    hone contacts each day. ...
    - Identifies areas of the collection process that need improvemen
    and implements an enhanced process that will help collectors be ...
    - Minimum 3 years working experience in Collection & Banking Indu
    try. ...
    - Excellent communication & Time management skills. Pleasant pers
    nality and self-independent. ...
    Please Call 012-2441571 (Mr. Easwaran) or Email to easwaran@kudra
    .com.my for an interview today. ...
    Position Description: Responsibilities: - Manages the employees who conduct visitations. - handle complaint or difficult calls. Requirements: - Minimum diploma or degree in any related field. - Must have exceptional interpersonal skills - Must have excellent computer skills
    24 Apr 16:37
    Kudrat Partners & Co M Sdn bhd  

    Product dealer

    RM 1 200 - 1 500 per month  
    24 Apr 11:05
    orins group  

    Pembantu Admin and Akademik (LOKASI : KUCHING)

    RM 1 200 - 1 500 per month  
    Mengurus rekod akademik dan kerja pentadbiran Kerja-kerja yang berkaitan dengan admin dan akademik Berminat sila hubungi kami di talian : Bangsar (HQ) : 03-22834544/019-2358304 (Mr. Tharma) Kuching : 082-423700/707 (Ms. Noriana)
    20 Apr 17:46
    Interface Education Group  

    Technical Support Assistant (Lundu)

    RM 2 400 - 2 700 per month  
    • Candidate must possess at least Diploma /Advanced/higher/grad
    ate Diploma in Engineering (computer/telecommunication), Computer ...
    Salary &Travel Allowance : RM 2,400.00 - RM 2,700.00 depending on
    experiences/ skills ...
    Interested candidates please email your resume with recent photog
    aph at info@ccapital.com.my. Attention:Mrs. Intan ...
    Requirements: • Live at Lundu. • Fresh graduate are encouraged to apply • Prefer experienced in ICT(PC,CCTV) repairing and servicing • Must be able to start work immediately • Must possess own transport - car • Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadline. • Able to work independently under minimum supervision.
    19 Apr 16:01
    Contras Capital Sdn Bhd  


    RM 1 300 - 2 400 per month  
    Lebih 100 kekosongan di kilang-kilang multinasional dan terkemuka
    kami. ...
    -Bersiap sedia untuk datang ke Johor Bahru (bagi mereka yg tingga
    diluar JB) ...
    Kelayakan: -Lelaki & Wanita -Umur 18 tahun hingga 40 tahun -Warganegara Malaysia -Boleh membaca,menulis dan mengira -Tidak memerlurkan sebarang sijil untuk sesetengah kilang kita -Tidak memerlukan pengalaman kerja kilang atau lain lain -Tiada masalah kerja shift Kelebihan: -Gaji dari RM 1300 hingga 2400 -Kerja kendalikan barang elektronik -Kerja 5 atau 6 hari -Kerja 8 hingga 12 jam sehari -Kerja rolling shift - siang /malam -Pelbagai jenis elaun menarik -Asrama dan Pengangkutan disediakan -Latihan kerja diberikan Sekiranya berminat, direct whatsapp di talian: 016 - 2016580 (Azmi) 016 - 7338522 (Aslinah) 016 - 7335449 (Nuri) Ikuti kami di Instagram: apdreamjob Facebook: Recruitment Agency Dream Job Sdn Bhd Web: www.dreamjob.com.my
    19 Apr 13:24
    agensi pekerjaan dream-job sdn. bhd  

    Admin cum Customer Service (Immediate Vacancy)

    - Candidate must have a good communication skills, willing to ass
    st for the ...
    Please email your detailed resume to franniechin@besthearing.com.
    y or may ...
    - Candidate must willing to travel within branches. marketing activities if necessary example public event, etc. - Candidate must willing to learn and trainable. - Candidate able assist branch manager. - Immediate vacancy. Able to start working immediately. can call 016-8512823 for enquiries.
    19 Apr 10:36
    Best Hearing Aid Centre (Miri) Sdn. Bhd  

    Pembantu Pengurus Pemasaran & Jualan (Bintulu)

    RM 1 000 - 1 500 per month  
    - Membantu mereka bentuk brosur, poster untuk pengiklanan syarika
    . ...
    Tugas - Membantu kerja-kerja pemasaran dan jualan syarikat. - Membantu merancang dan melaksana kempen pemasaran syarikat. - Membantu mengurus media sosial syarikat. - Membantu mengambil video testimonial pelanggan. - Membantu tugas operasi syarikat. Kelayakan - Terbuka kepada lelaki sahaja. - Kalau masih bujang terbaik. - Graduan diploma atau ijazah baru habis belajar boleh memohon. - Duduk berdekatan dengan kawasan Bintulu, Sarawak. - Ada kenderaan sendiri (motosikal pun ok) - Berfikiran positif dan suka belajar. - Ada lesen memandu kereta. - Berfikiran jauh dan mahu berjaya. - Tahu guna komputer dan internet. - Pandai edit gambar dan video. - Gaji ikut kelayakan. - Jujur dan amanah. - Tidak merokok.
    18 Apr 15:41
    Green Matrix Enterprise Travel & Tours S

    Business Segment Executive

    RM 3 000 - 8 000 per month  
    - Do market research to get to know what is happening in the mark
    t ...
    - Attend and participate in the road shows, booth, and exhibition
    to generate sale ...
    -Make appropriate number of telemarketing on prospects customers,
    identity potential growth and open new ...
    -Maintain account receivables in accordance to agreed credit term
    & limits, and in compliance with ...
    -Experience in the F&B , Hospitality, Cleaning or Building Materi
    l industry is an advantage ...
    - Prepare sales presentations, reports, and quotations - Prepare demonstration at client location - Manage and maintain existing clients - Find new clients to grow the business -Meet & exceed sales target; accounts company objectives Job Requirement:- -Required language (s) English, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia - Gender Preferred : Female - Transport : Fully maintained company car - Experience Level 1-3 years
    17 Apr 14:29
    Meridian Chem Sdn Bhd  

    Admin Executive (IMMEDIATE VACANCY) at 6th Mile

    RM 1 000 - 1 500 per month  
    Our company is doing point of sales system for Retail & F&B Indus
    ry ...
    -MUST able to speak MANDARIN in order to assist Mandarin speaking
    customers. ...
    -Doing clerical Job (Invoice, Quotation, Basic Data Entry) Traini
    g Provided ...
    IMMEDIATE VACANCY -Full-Time -Male/Female -Any race can apply, of course, as long you can speak Mandarin -Must have own transport Job Scope: -Entertain Walk in Client, explain to client the products Working Hour -Monday to Friday (8.30am-5.00pm) -Saturday (9.00am-1.00pm) -Formal Attire (Mandatory) Salary: -Basic Salary RM1,000-1,500 (depending on experience) -Commission + 1) marketing - commission will be given as per customer 2) performance allowance per month 3) annual bonus Our office is at 6th Mile, Just beside Petronas 6th Mile. Please send your resume to Jeradenterprise@gmail.com You will be contacted for an interview
    16 Apr 15:06
    Jerad Enterprise  

    General worker

    RM 800 per month  
    -efficient -hardworking -fast
    13 Apr 17:01
    Golden Blossom  

    Account cum admin assistant

    RM 920 per month  
    - Basic accounting knowledge, fresh accounting graduates or worki
    g experience one to two years are encourage to apply. ...
    - Assist in data entry, handle account receivable, account payabl
    s. ...
    - to provide administrative support and ad-hoc duties as assigned
    by supervisor/ management ...
    Interested candidate please send in your detail resume with recen
    passport size photo and expected salary to evergrow.centralcity@ ...
    Requirements: - Mandarin speaking is a added advantage Contact no: 010-9833568 Fax: 082-503958
    9 Apr 15:18
    Kota Samarahan

    Penyelia event

    RM 1 200 - 1 500 per month  
    **Calon yang berminat, boleh hubungi/whatsapp miss LISSA(01111474
    66) atau hantar resume kepada lissa.intakejob90@gmail.com ...
    9 Apr 08:28
    orins advertising Kuching  

    Pegawai pemasaran(latihan industri/internship)

    RM 1 000 - 3 000 per month  
    pegawai pemasaran diperlukan segera, lelaki/wanita 17 tahun ke at
    s, pengalaman tidak diperlukan,latihan diberi, transport disediak ...
    pegawai pemasaran diperlukan segera, lelaki/wanita 17 tahun keata
    , pengalaman tidak diperlukan, latihan diberi. ...
    pegawai pemasaran diperlukan segera, lelaki/wanita 17 tahun ke at
    s, pengalaman tidak diperlukan,latihan diberi, transport disediak ...
    pegawai pemasaran/telemarketing, kerani diperlukan segera, lelaki
    wanita 17 tahun ke atas, pengalaman tidak diperlukan,latihan dibe ...
    student yang ingin jalankan latihan industri dialu-alukan, elaun
    umayan, ...
    sila hubungi za-04---4902616 ,013-5912188,, ,,zira 014-9404696,
    165552893 ...
    tempat kerja diseluruh sarawak , kedah perlis, kulim, sungai pet
    ni , alor star, jitra, perlis. pulau pinanag, nibong tebal, bm, b ...
    email: idamansolution@yahoo.com gaji tambah komisen rm 1500++
    9 Apr 08:14
    tm broadband  

    Sales Person Sayuran & Buah-buahan

    RM 1 000 - 10 000 per month  
    Boleh bertutur baik dengan penjual sayur & buah-buahan di pasar,
    eperti pasar tamu, pasar pagi & pasar malam. ...
    Bertenaga pergi banyak tempat sehari dan boleh menolong menghanta
    sayuran & buah-buahan. Elaun diberi juga untuk kerja penghantara ...
    Basic dan ada komisen yang amat tinggi kalau rajin. Ada pengalaman jualan barang-barang. Boleh berkomunikasi dengan pengurus supermarket, dengan lancar. Boleh bertutur English / Mandarin / Iban adalah satu kelebihan. Boleh bertempat di setiap bandar / pekan beberapa hari. Ada lesen bawa lori kecil. Berminat, sila hubungi : 013-8187751 (Mr. Teo) 014-8811115 (Mr. Kong) 016-7228522 (Mr. Sim)
    8 Apr 19:23
    agensi pekerjaan dream-job sdn. bhd  

    Kerja Part Time

    RM 3 000 - 4 500 per day  
    Inside cleaning ( Part time Maid) 4 jam RM 48 seorang Job scope: - Kemas rumah - Mop - Cuci toilet - Lipat baju - Lap tingkap/kipas - Semua kerja-kerja pembersihan dalam rumah - Basuh Car porch - Semua tugas bergantung pada masa yang di ambil oleh tuan rumah/pejabat. Noted : Equipment need. Anda harus menyediakan sendiri kalau terima job yang ada keluar (equipment need). Tambah upah rm 15 semasa di gunakan 1. Mop 2. Penyapu 3. Getah pipe 4. Baldi 5. Sabun 6. Kain lap 7. Dan lain-lain untuk kerja mengemas Sila pastikan kalau terima job need equipment anda ada semua peralatan di atas. Android: 1. Website : www.zapphand.com IOS: Tengah tunggu apple approve. http://www.wasap.my/601120452601/KerjaMudah
    5 Apr 14:43
    Selocker Enterprise  

    Civil Engineer

    RM 1 500 - 3 000 per month  
    Site visits and supervision, reports writing, construction drawin
    and monitoring contractors. ...
    4 Apr 17:21
    Upright Construction Sdn Bhd  

    Land Surveyor Based in Sarawak

    RM 3 000 per month  
    - undertake any and all other duties and responsibilities as inst
    ucted by the superiors ...
    - possess at least an Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma in Surveyi
    g/Geomatic or equivalent. ...
    Interested applicants may send your updated resume to kempassento
    a@yahoo.com ...
    Land Surveyor (Based in Sarawak) Responsibilities: - Site setting out for infrastructure works (Road, drainage) - Site Coordination and checking for alignments and levels. - carry out all the relevant survey works at the project site. Requirements: - Willing to work in Sarawak. (Sri Aman, Pantu, Moyan) - Required skill(s): Total Stations, AutoCAD, Survey Software - Required language(s): Bahasa Malaysia, English - At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field. - Full-Time position(s) available. - Immediate Vacancy Contact Person: Ms. Adelyne/Hashnol (03-9285-6168)
    3 Apr 15:52
    Kempas Sentosa Sdn. Bhd  

    DHL Express Bike Courier (2 vacancies)

    RM 950 - 1 500 per month  
    * Sort, deliver and pick up shipments for a specific courier rout
    , in the most efficient and cost-productive ...
    manner, whilst providing a professional inter-face and image t
    customers and the general public ...
    * Electronically Record via a scanner all shipment process activi
    ies. ...
    * Perform duties professionally and courteously in line with Comp
    ny image with respect to all road users. ...
    * Ensure the security and integrity of all shipments whilst in hi
    /her care. ...
    * Reconcile all non-delivered shipments and ensure priority is gi
    en to these for the next delivery cycle. ...
    * Provide accurate and complete paperwork records for shipment mo
    ement. ...
    • At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field
    is required for this position. ...
    WHATAPPS to 0168882111 :Name/Age/Highest Education level/License
    type ...
    You are to: * Deliver without delay all inbound shipments. * Collect within a standard time frame, all outbound shipments. You must process these qualifications: • Must have a valid bike license and own a motorcycle. How to apply: /Last job/Last salary amount/notice period to join Example: (Ali/28/SPM/D/office boy/RM1200/1 month) Once shortlisted, we will call you for an interview.
    3 Apr 01:49
    D2D Logistics Sdn Bhd