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Bumi Safety

Safety Equipment & Fire Uniforms Wholesale

First Ait Kit, Fall Protection, Harnesses, Anchorages, Lanyards, Connectors, Self Retracting Lifeline, Systems, Gas Detectors, Hearing Protection, Earplugs, Earmuffs, Lockout Tagout, Cable & Chain Lockout, Circuit Breaker Lockout, Group Lockout Hasps, Safety Padlock, Tags, Valve Lockout, Other Protective Equipment, Back Support, Safety Walk, Marine Safety, Emergency & First Aid Kit, Fire Safety, Portable Air Blowers, Collapsible Ducting, Protective Clothings, Nomex 3, Cotton Coverall, Jacket, Rain Coat, Protective Eyewears, 3M Face Protection, Eye Protection, Goggles, Safety Glass, Protective Gloves, Cut Resistant, Heat Kong gloves, Disposal Nitrile Chemical Blue Gloves, Protective Headgears, Bump Cap, Safety Helmet, Americano Full Brim, Respiratory Protection, Cartridge Face Respirator, 3M Face Mask, Safety Cabinets, Justrite, Storage Cans, Safety Footwear, Safety Shoe, Topsafe, Oscar, Iron Steel, Redwin, Wellington Rubber Boots, Safety Mirrors, Convex, Haws Axion Shower, Eyewash, Bel Art Emergency Eyewash, Marine Equipment, Marine Hardware, Marine Bulbs, Marine Accessories, Lifeboat and Liferaft Products, Navigation Products, Marine Uniform, LifeJacket / Work Vest, KINKE, TenCATE, Omniweave, nakhoda, JRO, Fireman suit.

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Address: 37 JLN PUTERI 1/8,
Phone No: 0380669988
Fax No: 0380669977
Mobile No: 0102063933
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