Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCID?

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The Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) was formed on 1st December 2004 and was formerly known as the Commercial Crime Investigation Division.

The CCID is headed by one Director with the rank of Commissioner of Police (CP) and assisted by two Deputies with the ranks of Deputy Commissioner Police as Deputy Director 1 and Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) as Deputy Director 2.

How does CCID work?

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Semak Mule is a portal that allows Malaysians to check bank account numbers that may have been used in commercial crime cases that were flagged by the CCID department. This creates a more trustworthy environment where Malaysians now can do their research before confirming a purchase online.

What should I do if I suspect fraudelent activity on an online marketplace?

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Contact our customer support team to alert us and we will update on further measures. If a money transfer has been made, do make a police report at the nearest police station.

Where can I find more information about online marketplace safety?

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You can visit Mudah website for information on their safety policies and resources.

Disclaimer: The SemakMule feature on website is intended as general information guidance, based on the database provided by Commercial Crime Investigation Department, Royal Malaysia Police Database (CCID Database). shall not be responsible for any liabilities from your reliance on the information obtained from our website.

Still have questions?

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