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Perfumes and Cosmetics

Why pay more when you can get your favourite perfumes at a bargain price. Please note all items are 100% genuine & original. We dont have time to sell fake / immitations. The rest of the items are gifts, collectors items which we dont need in our home, therefore its up for sale. All are brand new unless stated. We appreciate serious buyers only. If you cant decide, pls move on. This will save ours and your time.

Glass Food Storage 500ml
Glass Food Storage 500ml
RM 10
Jun 3, 22:29
Outdoor Metal Rack
RM 10
Jun 3, 22:28
Tesco Storage Box
RM 10
Jun 3, 22:26
Jet Engines
RM 6
Jun 3, 22:24
Glass Jar
RM 3
May 30, 18:50
Bombay Duck London M Mug
RM 30
May 30, 18:35
Pikachu Figurine
RM 3
May 27, 18:10
Thumbturn and Key Deadbolt Lock
RM 15
May 27, 17:59
Disney Princess Kindy Bag
RM 10
May 25, 13:22
Hello Kitty Figurine
RM 2
May 9, 15:08
Pink Carpet
RM 50
Apr 27, 07:06
Red Lace Dress
RM 10
Apr 7, 13:28
Disney Princess Art Bag
RM 8
Apr 6, 09:47
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