PayPal Buyer Protection

PayPal Buyer Protection helps Mudah customers recover online payments made with PayPal for eligible items purchased on Mudah. With PayPal Buyer Protection, Mudah customers can now recover payments for goods that they have purchased but did not receive (this protection is known as "item not received").

This means that customers making purchases on Mudah have the added assurance of safety and can shop with even greater peace of mind.

How do buyers purchasing on Mudah qualify for PayPal Buyer Protection?

The Buyer Protection policy from PayPal protects you if you've bought eligible items under these circumstances using PayPal:

  1. By purchasing items which are tangible like physical goods that can be shipped.
  2. By keeping your PayPal account in "good standing".
  3. By making a payment via PayPal in one single amount for the full price of the item. Items purchased with multiple payments (like a deposit followed by a final payment) do not qualify.

What is not covered?

  1. All vehicles
  2. Intangibles
  3. Licenses and access to digital content
  4. Airline flight tickets
  5. Real estate
  6. Businesses for sale
  7. Prohibited items on the "PayPal Acceptable Use Policy"

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How do I file a dispute and make a claim if I have a problem with my purchase?

To file a dispute

If you face a problem with an item you purchased and paid with your PayPal account, file a dispute in our Resolution Centre within 45 days from the date you paid for your purchase.

Note: When you file a dispute, PayPal will notify both the seller and yourself (the buyer). The seller and buyer can then post messages to each other in the Resolution Centre and amicably attempt at resolving the issue. Please make sure not to post messages which are offensive, discourteous, false, misleading, profane, abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate.

To make a claim
If you are unable to resolve the dispute with your seller via the Resolution Centre, you can then escalate the dispute into a claim by following these simple steps. You will have 20 days to file a claim from the date the dispute was opened:

Note: For purchases made from a seller outside of your country, it may take longer for the item to arrive. Before you file a dispute or a claim, please make sure to leave adequate time for delivery which could take several weeks, depending on where the seller is located. So sometimes, a simple post to the seller can reassure you that your item is on its way.

Do I get back my claimed amount?

PayPal will review all posted messages to evaluate the claim. If the decision is made in your favor, then the amount will be credited into your PayPal account at least after 7 days.

We wish all Mudah customers a happy and safer shopping with PayPal!

Terms & conditions: PayPal reserves the right to change or discontinue the PayPal Buyer Protection Policy in its sole discretion at any time and without notice.