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About Samurai Racing Sdn Bhd

Performance Parts & Used Honda and Mitsubishi Parts

We are a one stop performance parts for all car enthusiasts. We also source used parts for all those who need to find but not able to locate them. Product BRANDS include JUN AUTO, TOMEI, TODA, SARD, SPOON SPORT, POWER ENTERPRISE, WALBRO, WISECO PISTON, CP PISTON, ACL BEARING, HKS, TIAL WASTEGATE, GREDDY , KAAZ LSD OIL ,OGURA ORC CLUTCH, OS GIKEN CLUTCH , EXEDY CLUTCH , ENDLESS BRAKE PAD , MUGEN , NGK PLUGS & CABLES , PROJECT MU DISC ROTOR , APP DISC ROTOR & BRAKEHOSE, CUSCO , skunk2 and ext....


Joe Thoo , Ah Mun & Ken, Samurai Racing Sdn Bhd, bandar Sunway selangor

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  • No15 & 17, Jalan PJS 1124, Bandar Sunway 46150 Selangor
  • 46150, Bandar Sunway, Kuala Lumpur
Spoon Aero Mirror For Fk8 Type R
Spoon Aero Mirror For Fk8 Type R
RM 6 200
Today, 18:10
Ogura ORC Super Single Clutch Set S13 S14 Sr20DET
RM 3 380
Today, 18:10
Project Mu Scr-Pro Front Disc Rotor Ek9 Type R Dc2
RM 3 080
Today, 18:10
Project Mu 300mm Replacement Disc Ek9 Dc2 Gk5
RM 2 500
Today, 18:10
Defi Advance BF NA Package Set Ek9 Fd2 Gk5 Dc5 Eg6
RM 3 500
Today, 18:05
Os Giken R2CD Twin Plate Clutch Kit Evo 4~Evo 9
RM 7 700
Today, 18:05
Mugen Carbon Ignition Coil Cover Fd2 Dc5 Ep3 K20A
RM 1 480
Today, 18:05
Ngk r2558-9 Racing Plug Set Gr Yaris
RM 500
Today, 18:05
Mugen Carbon Aero Bonnet Fk8 Type R
RM 33 500
Today, 18:05
Recaro Rh Driver Side Seat Rail R35 GTR
RM 1 250
Today, 18:05
Recaro Lh Passenger Side Seat Rail R35 GTR
RM 1 250
Today, 18:05
HKS R35 Gtr Rear Diff Cooler Set
RM 3 880
Today, 18:05
Mugen 5 Speed Carbon Shift Knob Ek9 Dc2 Eg6 Eg9 Ge
RM 700
Today, 18:00
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