Branded Items and Software

Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether an item is real or fake. We require all sellers in selected categories to declare that the item they are selling is original, but some sellers may still attempt to sell pirated software or fake branded products, even if this is prohibited on our website.

When you buy ...

  • Ask for the original receipt to verify that the item is genuine/original.
  • If a receipt is missing, you can request to meet the seller at an authorized shop to verify the authenticity before you pay.
  • Please let us know immediately if you suspect that the item advertised is not genuine/original.

When you sell ...

  • Only sell genuine/original goods.
  • If you wrongly certify that you are selling original items, you can be charged with committing fraud, and legal action can be taken against you by the police.

Remember ...

  • Request original receipt.
  • Verify authenticity.
  • Fake or pirated goods are prohibited on