E-mails and Phone calls

"Phishing" is when someone tries to trick you to obtain sensitive information such as passwords, bank account, or credit card numbers. It is often triggered by fake e-mails from Internet sites you know or trust, asking you to click on a link and fill in your personal data/information. The link will typically lead to a page that looks like that bank's website, but is controlled by someone else. Such sites are used to cheat the public and obtain personal information.

To protect yourself from "Phishing", never respond to requests from any "official" bank or any other phone calls/e-mails claiming to be an official authority. Instead, find the "official" contact details for that bank or authority, and contact them yourself to verify that the request actually came from them.

Please write to us at PRO Niaga Support if you encounter any suspected "Phishing" incidents related to your PRO Niaga account.

Bank Negara's Tips on Phishing