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Warehouse Operator
Warehouse Operator
RM 1 500 - 2 000 per month
Knowledge: • Knowledge of proper Inventory Management (FEFO/FIFO) • Familiarity with standard concepts and best practices in a Warehouse Management (5S practice/Safety Issue) • Knowledge on Food Safety Management • Basic knowledge on ISO System, GMP System and HALAL System Skills Requirement: • Communication Skills: Warehouse Assistant will need to speak with coworkers, suppliers and customers on a regular basis. • Critical-Thinking Skills: Warehouse Assistant will need to devise plans of action and asses those plans regularly. • Problem-Solving Skills: Warehouse Assistant will need to be ready when problems arise, or be ready to anticipate problems before they happen. • Computer Skills: Ability to input, retrieve and analyze data • Punctuality: It is essential to attending work on time. Abilities: • Proficient in Microsoft Office. • Ability to safely and legally operate a forklift and others machine (weigher and etc) • Physical ability to frequently lift and carry materials weighing up to 25kg, and occasionally up to 50kg • Ability to do basic warehouse maintenance • Ability to work long hours (OT) if needed • Ability to be punctual and discipline Responsibilities: A) GOODS OUT - Process inventory for delivery as per DO - Package items and label correctly - Ensure quality of product B) STORAGE & STOCK CONTROL - Allocate storage space for items based on their types and sizes - Relocating and re-stacking goods to make space for a new delivery - Update location and documentation for inventory processing - Stack and organize large bulk items - Sort, organize, and store inventory in proper and correct location - Move materials from facilities to workstations, pick-up locations, or other locations - Operate heavy machinery like forklifts to move or store inventory C) GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES - Compliance with security procedures and health & safety - Ensure workspace is free of debris and remove safety hazards from aisles - Maintain 5S activity as per schedule - Report damaged or missing inventory to supervisors - Maintenance of stable conditions or temperatures (e.g. for high value stock) - To perform minor preventive maintenance tasks to meet the safety standards, quality and efficiency - To carry out other ad-hoc duties assigned from time to time - Assist Production Team if needed - Assist Operation Team (Inventory & Logistic) if needed
Jun 28, 18:40Selangor