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Pembantu Eksekutif Kewangan
Pembantu Eksekutif Kewangan
RM 1 650 - 2 300 per month
1. Boleh menggunakan sistem SQL 2. Boleh menyediakan laporan full set of account 3. Boleh menyediakan jadual susut nilai aset setiap tahun 4. Boleh menyediakan laporan jangkaan aliran tunai projek / syarikat 5. Merekod data-data kewangan (Excel dan SQL). 6. Urusan menfailkan dokumen-dokumen kewangan. 7. Menyediakan Laporan Kewangan syarikat. 8. Membantu kerja-kerja Eksekutif Kewangan syarikat.
Today, 14:50Selangor
Finance Manager
Finance Manager
RM 5 000 - 6 000 per month
Responsibilities: • To establish SOP and systematic accounting and financial reporting for management review • To ensure accuracy of financial data for timely financial and management reports • Monitoring cash flow and budgeting for company and projects • Sourcing for project financing and bank facilities • To ensure compliance to statutory payment policies and regulations • To structure an efficient cleaning up of company’s debts • To plan for departmental staff training to enhance skills in related area Requirements: • Above 10 years of experience in managing and leading an Account and Finance department in a high performance organization • Graduate degree in Accounting and Finance or any related area, preferably with MIA recognition • Knowledge in accounting, audit, taxation and banking instruments, with good oral and written communication planning and evaluation. Please spread this vacancies. If interested, please forward updated C.V & copies of academic certificates to HR Dept or email to recruitment@axis-tek.com
Jul 18, 11:55Selangor
Axis Technology Resources M Sdn Bhd
Kerani Akaun
Kerani Akaun
RM 1 500 - 1 800 per month
Kekosongan jawatan untuk kerani akaun (1 kekosongan) di firma perunding Kuala Terengganu. Mahir menggunakan perisian perakaunan seperti UBS, dan juga mahir Microsoft Excel. Kelayakan akademik sekurang-kurangnya Diploma Perakaunan.
Jun 27, 23:01Terengganu
Perunding Ukur
Property assosiate
Property assosiate
RM 1 999 - 2 000 per month
 Assist on tenancy agreement with landlord related to telecommunication structure  To review tenancy agreement and make sure that the rental is below than rental capping.  To make sure all tenancy agreement is ready at the right time and renewal notice to landlord is given before due date.  Process of stamping and liaise with internal lawyer if any amendment clause requested by landlord. Maintain site database on the latest update provided by Property team. (B) Key Accountabilities (Describe the important end results the job is expected to achieve. Start with the most important)  Verified any related documents from Site Acquisition team to prepare Tenancy Agreement for signing both party  To make sure all documentation is valid for agreement before stamping  Liaise with legal department for any queries from Landlord and to fulfil the requirement in low risk to company  Negotiate rental with landlord on the renewal term  Assist on preparing site access letter for clients to enter site  Assist on compilation of documents & provide to Property team for submission purposed  Assist on maintaining site database for any future reference  Assist on controlling all related documents from third party (C) Working Relationship (What significant business contact the job has with others internally and externally (outside the organisation) and for what purpose? Internal  Touch Mindscape management team  Property Management team on related matters  Shahzan Alam Muda Sdn. Bhd (SAM) on state land approval  Account department team for Landlord rental  Operations team, on managing site access  Site acquisition team for documentation  Audit & Compliance team on clients rental approval  HR teams for discussion on related matters. External  Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri for stamping work  Landlord on rental and access  Landlord lawyer for agreement purposed  Clients on sites access  Vendor on any related documentation requested
Jun 27, 17:10Pahang